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Hands on: SQL Server 2014 with data files in Azure Blob Storage

One intriguing new feature in Micrsosoft’s SQL Server 2014 is the ability to create or attach databases whose files are in Azure blog storage. This sounds like something that would not work at all well: why would you want a database engine to mount files located hundreds or thousands of miles away? However, the feature

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Puppet and Chef come to Windows Azure

Good to see these options when creating an Azure VM:

Puppet is for automating IT operations.

Chef is for modeling IT infrastructure and application deployment as code.

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Fixing failed wifi on Surface Pro

I experienced an odd problem on a Surface Pro (first edition). This happened shortly after upgrading to Windows 8.1 Update though not immediately after.

Symptom: I could connect to wifi but although I had five bars of signal strength, according to the notification area icon, I had no connection; and ipconfig reported “Media disconnected” for

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A quick hands-on with native code compilation for .NET

I had a quick look at the .NET Native Preview. I am interested to see what the benefits might be. Note that currently the preview only supports 64-bit Windows Store apps.

Here is what is promised:

For users of your apps, .NET Native offers these advantages:

Fast execution times Consistently speedy startup times Low deployment

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