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picture of iRiver H140

Review: Portable MP3 player

Take your tunes on the road with this neat hard-disk MP3 player. But that's not all: it is also an FM radio, a voice recorder and a backup device. Tim Anderson reports.

The advent of MP3 players with integral hard disks has made these devices substantially more attractive. Instead of selecting a few favourites to carry around with you, you can now take your whole collection. This device is 40GB, which means around 450 CDs or nearly 7000 songs in Windows Media format at 192kbps, good enough that many people cannot distinguish it from the source. Go down to 48kbps and you can quadruple that figure. It means you can have both portability and choice.

Of course the iPod and other MP3 devices such as those from Creative also have capacious hard drives, so what sets if anything sets the iRiver device apart? A few things. The iRiver may not be as stylish as Apple's gadget, but you get more for your money, not least a better battery. iRiver uses a Li-Polymer battery, and claim that it will retain 80% of its performance until 3000 charge/discharge cycles. I'm sceptical, but if those figures are even half right we won't be lining up to sue on account of short battery life.

But never mind the battery. One of the things I like about the iHP-140 is that it does more to exploit the advantages of a pocketable mass storage device. When you connect up to a PC using a fast USB 2.0 connection, it appears as just another hard drive. You can copy anything you like to it: your accounts, your documents, your Exchange Server backup, whatever. Don't forget to encrypt anything confidential. So then you can get on the plane and enjoy your music knowing your off-site backup is right there with you. Then when you get to your meeting you don't need to take notes: just pull out the iRiver, press record, and let the internal microphone and auto level-control do the rest.

Another strong feature is iRiver's open approach to file formats. Along with MP3, you get support for the open source Ogg Vorbis, Microsoft's Windows Media and ASF, and uncompressed WAV.The firmware is upgradeable, so there is also the possibility of future additions and enhancements. There is a snag. Currently, the device won't play any files protected with DRM (Digital Rights Management), although a customer service representative told me they are working towards supporting Windows Media DRM. I prefer this to the iTunes model, which locks you to the iPod, since it gives you freedom of choice. Of course using unprotected content gives even more freedom of choice, but the music business is going to work hard to tempt us into buying protected content and it will soon become hard to avoid.

Sound quality is excellent, even with the supplied ear buds, which are rumoured to be made by Sennheiser. I used 192 kbps WMA, and was impressed by the results. Having said that, my attitude to sound quality is different when listening to a pocket-size juke box than when plugged into a home hi-fi. I am not going to claim that this gadget sounds the equal of a good quality separates system; I will say that it is very enjoyable and better than most similar devices, MP3 and minidisc, that I've heard. Listening on high-end headphones (Sennheiser HD600) I could easily hear the difference between the iRiver and a CD played directly on a hi-fi. Then again, the HD600s are demanding to drive, and when I switched to the more tolerant HD590s, the difference was less marked. Enough! this is not a rigorous audio test; all that matters is that this box sounds really very good, both on popular and classical music.

You will have no difficulty getting music in or out of the iRiver. Aside from the USB connection already mentioned, there is analog and digital (optical) line-in and line-out. There's also an input for an external mic, which matters to me as I record numerous meetings and interviews. The usual problem with these inputs is getting enough gain, and here the iRiver scores only moderately. I got fair results from a Sony microphone using plug-in power, and from a battery-powered Electret Condenser mic, but the level was low even when set to maximum sensitivity, and you may need a line-level microphone to get truly excellent results. On the other hand, the built-in microphone is fine for voice recording, especially when set to automatic gain control. You can record up to 5 hours continuously.

This gadget comes with decent accessories, including a belt-clip leather case and a sophisticated remote. The remote has its own illuminated LCD, and buttons for play/pause, stop, menu navigation, recording, and volume control. Most functions can be performed from the remote.

Remote for iriver h140

The remote with LCD

So what are the snags? There are a few. First, the iRiver doesn't come with much software. There is a management application, but all this does is to install some right-click options into Windows Explorer, for updating the database of songs maintained on the device. This database needs some scrutiny. When enabled, it lets you select songs by artist, genre, album or song title. The database is populated by the tags embedded in the MP3 files. Unfortunately, the iRiver software can only make use of this information when you are using MP3 files, and other formats such as WMA or Ogg don't get indexed. That's not as bad as it first seems, since most jukebox software keeps music in a sensible folder structure, so you can use the file system to navigate to the track you want. It does seem unnecessary though, since tags are also present in these other formats. Maybe a future update will fix it. In the meantime, enthusiasts have produced freeware software to plug the gap.

Another area that takes some getting used to is the controls. Leaving aside the remote, these comprise a central joystick plus four side buttons and a Hold slider. These controls are contextual, that is, they do different things according to the current state of the device. So, joystick up and down controls volume when a track is playing, and navigation when a track is not playing. That's OK, except that when a track is playing and you want to skip to the next track, you instinctively try joystick down, thus reducing the volume. In fact, the way to get the next track during play is to do a sharp right movement on the joystick. On the other hand, a long right movement gets you fast-forward through the current track.

To pause the track, press play/pause on the side - sounds easy enough. But let's say you tried clicking the joystick first. This opens the music selection menu. Song still plays. So now you remember and press play/pause. Curiously, the song still does not pause; rather, the menu jumps to the playing song. So you press play/pause again; now I have the time elapsed displayed, but the song is still playing. I press play/pause again; it pauses.

All this is no problem once you have become familiar with the controls, but it shows that the iRiver controls are not as intuitive as they should be. Another example is the FM radio, activated by a press-and-hold on the Play button, and cancelled the same way. That's fine, but I wonder how many people have found themselves in the radio by accident, and had to reach for the manual in order to turn it off.

None of this will matter after the first couple of hours of use. The iRiver scores highly on features, capacity, and sound quality; it's an excellent digital companion and recommended. The iHP-120 is identical but with a 20Gb hard drive.


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Copyright Tim Anderson 15th March 2004. All rights reserved.

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Comment posted on 2010-09-07 21:59:40 by: even evans.
can I charge my H140 with an ordinary USB cable. If not where can I buy a home charger online.
Comment posted on 2010-04-26 15:18:47 by: yash.
i had format my i river 140 & i m not having cd no driver
Comment posted on 2009-05-27 10:51:24 by: Pritesh Mehta.
After fitting IPod battery to my iriver ipod its function only while charging the battery but once I remove the ipod charger plug from socket its get switched off so please suggest me what to do.
Comment posted on 2009-03-12 19:32:34 by: Home Lawn Care.
I originally had an Archos Jukebox which was about the size of a brick. I loved it though. One day, I dropped it on the street. It went pinwheeling away from me but because it had rubber reinforcements on all the corners, I just picked it up and it kept working. Fabulous machine. Too bad they don't make em like that any more.
Comment posted on 2009-01-12 13:00:54 by: mitch.
Finally ! i think you might be able to help me, i have a most perculiar issue with my h140.. it was working for years without missing a beat, i honestly thought i was going to have it for life. then one day, i plugged it into my USB port and the screen comes up "connected" no strange screen, no strange noises, the funny thing is, windows cannot detect it, no usb device is actually connected, i've tried this on about 3 different xp machines one wiht sp1 and two with sp2. I did the dumb thing of formatting it through it's own self format function, why I'm confused is, it still works and holds charge and records and everything, it just wont be seen by any computers even though the "Connected" screen on the unit comes up.. most bizarre indeed. any help greatly appreciated.
Comment posted on 2008-08-17 23:40:51 by: Iain.
The H140 is currently unavailable. When will more become available? .........and where near London or in the south east of England can I get one?
Comment posted on 2008-02-16 19:56:00 by: Dan Charlton.
Tim I don't know if you still use this but if you do please help me, I've done the thing that a few people seem to have done in that I formatted it and now it doesn't work and you seem to know what your talking about. I tried going to disc manager and deleted it like u said but when i create new partition it doesn't let me choose fat32 only ntsf please help
Comment posted on 2007-12-30 23:46:44 by: Tony.
I am considering purchasing an iRiver h140 because I want to record myself on my decks (mixing a vinyl set) onto cd format. I've heard that one of the easiest ways to do this is to plug the iRiver into the back of my mixer, record my mix and then upload it onto my laptop. Is this possible i.e. can i plug the iRiver directly to my mixer through the line in/line out port to record and then connect to my lap top through a usb connection to burn my mix onto cd?
Comment posted on 2007-10-24 21:42:46 by: DR.
> I need a MP3 player, where it is easy (comfortable) to rewind a sound
> track several seconds back. I want to use it mainly for learning a
> foreign language where I would use this function many times.
> What does it look like with this one?

This feature strangely disappeared from the ROM in the latest version. Try using ROM version 1.63, and the left-right buttons should fast-forward-backward through the current song. I have been upgrading ROMs on the H140 for several years without noticing any significant improvements, at least for what I do -- older ROMs should be fine.

Comment posted on 2007-09-07 18:08:35 by: Anonymous.
I need a MP3 player, where it is easy (comfortable) to rewind a sound track several seconds back. I want to use it mainly for learning a foreign language where I would use this function many times. What does it look like with this one?
Comment posted on 2007-07-08 20:47:50 by: Tim Anderson.
> I dont Know How To Turn Off The Player???

Just press and hold down the stop button.


Comment posted on 2007-07-04 02:19:18 by: Omar.
I dont Know How To Turn Off The Player???
Comment posted on 2006-10-14 09:24:04 by: Alistair.
Which speakers do people recommend for the H140?
Comment posted on 2006-10-09 12:54:52 by: Tim Anderson.
> My player the 20G version has jammed and says it is
> permanently connected to the PC via USB whether it is or
> not. Anyone have any clues how to solve this.

You can try resettin the devices. Pin in the reset button on the case; or if that fails, let the battery run down completely and leave for a few hours.

If that fails, and if the unit is communicating when connected via USB you can try reformatting the disk - make sure you use FAT32.


Comment posted on 2006-10-09 08:09:29 by: Greg.
My player the 20G version has jammed and says it is permanently connected to the PC via USB whether it is or not. Anyone have any clues how to solve this. I live in SG and there are no agents for repair. At the moment my player that I was very happy with is just a paper weight.



Comment posted on 2006-09-10 05:09:36 by: Farook.
Thanks Tim for the advise
Comment posted on 2006-09-02 23:05:57 by: Tim Anderson.
> and when i connect to the computer it show only NTFS
> format there is no FAT or FAT32 format like normal
> HD.only it show NTFS,if i want to format again also it
> show the option only NTFS.

Go into the disk manager, delete the partition, then create a new partition selecting FAT32.


Comment posted on 2006-09-02 23:02:32 by: Tim Anderson.
> Anybody can advise what I can do and what is wrong with > my IHP-140.

Sounds like a worn-out battery to me. Either that, or the spare charger damaged something. Either way, the unit will need repair.


Comment posted on 2006-08-28 08:07:20 by: Farook.
My IHP-140 was working with full satisfaction for the last two years. Last month, I had been to India for vacation, where I have tried to charge with different charger with correct settings other than one that is supplied with Iriver, as I have forgotten to carry.

Now, after charging with the supplied charger, power icon not appears but only charging icon display all the time. It charges only for few minutes and stops. When reconnect, it happens the same. While using battery lasts for only few minutes and goes off as Low Battery.

Anybody can advise what I can do and what is wrong with my IHP-140. What will happen if i reset ? I want to retain all the data and songs too.

Comment posted on 2006-01-10 22:41:02 by: anojan.
thanx for ur reply but i don't know how to install firmware also. at the movement my player is just blank. so please let me know step by step how to install or put firmware,then how to update? please help me.
and when i connect to the computer it show only NTFS format there is no FAT or FAT32 format like normal HD.only it show NTFS,if i want to format again also it show the option only NTFS.
i try to format this through MS DOS, but it doesn't work at all.
please please help me.....

Comment posted on 2006-01-05 08:45:54 by: Tim Anderson.
> i put NTFS format. after that it doesn't work at all

Indeed. If you connect the unit to a PC, is it still visible? If so, re-format as FAT32. There is also a format function in the later versions of the firmware on the machine itself; but of course you need a working drive in order to update the firmware.

Comment posted on 2006-01-03 22:42:05 by: anojan.
Hello anyone who can help me!!!
my friend gave me the iRiver iHP-140. it was very nice. one day i format that through my computer. when i format it ask what format, i put NTFS format.
after that it doesn't work at all. i don't know how to make it work. i don't have any software. and i read here something call firmware also even i don't know about that. please help he where i can find the software for make it work.or what can i do for it? please help me......

Comment posted on 2005-09-19 12:44:37 by: steve w.
i can't see how to get access to "navigation" so i can use the tag facility-i want to be able to access files without having to scroll right thru all tracks.
also-i forgot my mains charger and tried a charger with 800mv and at 4.5v-to charge it(a protected multiple voltages charger) with the inner pole as ve as is recommended-i can't use the battery recharger-4AA x1800mamps in series(i haven't tried mains as i still don't have y mains charger)-have i irrevocably ruined the player or lithium battery-what can i do about it?-it is an H320 player

Comment posted on 2005-09-11 14:14:11 by: Tim Anderson.
You must format the drive at FAT32, not NTFS. Maybe that is the problem?

With the latest firmware you can format it on the player itself.


Comment posted on 2005-09-10 23:25:19 by: Sam.
Hi friends,i have iHP-140, yesterday i fromat that hard drive via my computer.now it doesn't play any songs.why?what can i do for this?please help me!!!!

Comment posted on 2005-08-25 07:19:35 by: Tim Anderson.
> the songs are there listed , but if i want to play the
> song nothing happens

The most likely thing is that the iRiver doesn't support the codec you have used, or else there is DRM on the songs. If you are using WMA, make sure they are unprotected. Songs purchased from an online store are usually DRM protected and will not play on the iRiver H140. For maxiumum compatibility, stick to MP3.

Comment posted on 2005-08-25 07:06:45 by: Tim Anderson.
> Does anyone know of a way of mounting this unit in a car?

I have a mount that clips to a vent, and I use it with a cassette adaptor. The unit is a universal one made by Goodmans; it is not a fantastic fit, but good enough.

Comment posted on 2005-08-25 04:47:17 by: perplexed in CT.
i haveth i river iHP-140 i took many of my cd's loaded them unto my computer and then transferd them onto my i-river and for some reason, the songs are there listeed , but if i want to play the song nothing happens, [this seems to happen to some complete albums.] can anyone help. I feel like i am getting ripped off if i cant even enjoy my own music.

Please help.

Comment posted on 2005-08-15 15:30:59 by: Tim Anderson.
"Hi I put my Iriver h140 in my car and start charging it with charger that was not an Iriver one and my battery life went down I mean the moust that it can last is 5 hours I want to buy a new one and just replace it if any one can tell me from where I will greatly appreciate it"

Interesting about the charger. I have seen recommendations that you do NOT have a car charger plugged into a device when starting or stopping the engine, as there may be surges.

www.dapstore.com is advertising batteries. For further guidance I'd recommend www.misticriver.net - search the forums.


Comment posted on 2005-08-15 15:22:12 by: Tim Anderson.

"You said in your reply to Angie in December that she could play her H140 through her hi-fi but had to set the player to line-out, not headphones. I cannot find how to do that!"

There are a pair of sockets at the right off the top panel of the H140. They are labelled Optical/Line In Out. Mine are coloured white. Use the Out socket. You don't need to set it to "line out" as such (my mistake, apologies); however the Control menu does have a setting for Optical On/Off - this should be Off unless you are using an optical connection.

"To ugrade the player from v 1.3 supplied I downloaded the iHP_140.hex but this did not work. iRiver helpfully suggested I use the upgrade for the H120. This worked perfectly. It gives me v1.6. I see you have v1.7."

Actually I have 1.65. Some think 1.63 is better. Mine is the H120 version as well, but as you say it works fine.


Comment posted on 2005-08-15 14:57:40 by: Clark.
Hi Tim,
I found your page and the comments very helpful when I was looking for a MP3 player. I got a H140 a couple of weeks ago and am slowly getting the hang of it - but -
1. You said in your reply to Angie in December that she could play her M140 through her hi-fi but had to set the player to line-out, not headphones. I cannot find how to do that!
2. To ugrade the player from v 1.3 supplied I downloaded the iHP_140.hex but this did not work. iRiver helpfully suggested I use the upgrade for the H120. This worked perfectly. It gives me v1.6. I see you have v1.7.
How do I get that?

Comment posted on 2005-08-12 02:21:22 by: Simeon Delchev.
Hi I put my Iriver h140 in my car and start charging it with charger that was not an Iriver one and my battery life went down I mean the moust that it can last is 5 hours I want to buy a new one and just replace it if any one can tell me from where I will greatly appreciate it
Comment posted on 2005-03-23 09:24:41 by: amy sawyn.
how many songs can you download on a ipod?
Comment posted on 2005-03-21 08:05:35 by: Tim Anderson.
Concerning battery replacement, there are some instructions somewhere on the Web but I don't have the link to hand. I don't know the cost, but it can be done.

iRiver say the battery will last for several years; I haven't had any problem with mine yet.

Concerning voice recording, I haven't noticed any feedback problem when using an external mic.

It will create a new file for each recording; I don't regard that as a problem, especially as you can easily play them in sequence.


Comment posted on 2005-03-20 20:45:52 by: tim.
how much does it cost to replace the battery? and how long do you use it before you have to replace?
Comment posted on 2005-03-13 20:49:58 by: Mike.
Hi Tim,

Thanks for a lot of great information!

Got a couple questions..

I have a friend who has an H140, and I am thinking of buying one myself. Something that concerns me is that when he uses his for voice recording, every so often (once a minute?) when the hard drive acceses to save the recorded info, there is feedback from the disk drive itself on the final recording. Do you know of any way to avoid this problem? Is this a normal problem, or is there something wrong with my friends player?

Another question is, is it possible to add to a previously recorded voice file? My friend says no.. This is important to me because I want to use the Iriver as a voice journal, and to have a separate file everytime I want to record something will become very cumbersome.

If my friend is right, do you know of any future plans to upgrade the firmware that might incorporate this feature?

Thanks for your help!


Comment posted on 2005-02-03 17:10:04 by: Ben Reeve.
Does anyone know of a way of mounting this unit in a car? Holders seem to be available for the ipod, but not this one. Will the ipod one hold this? I was hoping for one that would clip to a vent, but any would do
Comment posted on 2005-01-25 13:00:30 by: Tim Anderson.

It does have a random shuffle mode, which you can set to a song, a directory, or all songs. I seem to remember some complaints that the shuffle is not as random as it should be.


Comment posted on 2005-01-25 12:45:04 by: Ben Reeve.
Can this unit be put on random mode? I mean will it randomly play tracks from the 10,000 I put on there?
Comment posted on 2005-01-25 12:28:32 by: Tim Anderson.
Concerning gapless playback: essentially it doesn't work on the iRiver. You would have to save a CD as one large file which would be awkward. You can get the gap between tracks pretty short, but not eliminate it.
Comment posted on 2005-01-25 11:59:43 by: adi.
there was a question asked here before left unanswered regarding breaks between tracks. i actually remember reading something about this myself in one of the many articles and forums i've been going through before buying.

so is this true?
and if so, is there a solution that enables breakless playback?

Comment posted on 2005-01-22 17:56:28 by: Ben Allen.
It is possible to remove copy protection on I-Tunes songs quite easily. You can import them into I=Movie and then export or burn to a cd and then rip them again (i suggest using a rewritable for this). I believe there is also software that can do this. Not sure about copy protected WMA, but I guess the burn to CD thing would work for that too. Problem Solved.

For more info:

Hope that helps.

Comment posted on 2005-01-10 21:14:46 by: Tim Anderson.
Frank, I am 50%% in agreement with you. Only 50%%, because the device is far from worthless for the many people who don't have, or even avoid, copy-protected music. But I sympathise because the whole Digital Rights Management issue is clear as mud to ordinary people - such as those who buy iTunes songs and then discover they can't copy them to a Creative device that only deals in WMA copy protection. Both online and device vendors should make these issues much clearer.


Comment posted on 2005-01-10 20:58:09 by: Frank M.
At the end of the day, the iRiver H140 won't play any music I purchase from an online music store. I've confirmed this with iRiver service reps, who tell me my iRiver H140 will only play music I copy direct from CD's.

So I ask - what's the point of a portable music player that I have to go out and buy the entire CD???


Comment posted on 2005-01-09 19:21:46 by: Tim Anderson.

I don't know how many devices are afflicted by clicking. Mine is not, and my impression is that it is only a small minority - but that could still be a large number. I'd certainly regard it as a fault. I notice from the Mysticriver forums that users have successfully returned clicking models and received fault-free ones in return, which seems to prove that it is not an inherent fault; however I guess there were some bad batches.

Re. Directories - it will play an entire directory. This is the normal way to play an album.

Concerning winamp, you should be able to tell the format of the file from its extension. Set Windows not to hide the extensions in Explorer (Tools - Folder Options - View in Windows XP) and you'll see them.


Comment posted on 2005-01-09 18:23:37 by: Jonathan Cole.
Hi Tim,

I am considering buying a H140 but there is such a variety of MP3 players that I have a few questions before I can be sure.

Firstly many people have mentioned clicking, and I read a review on Amazon which said that Iriver have acknowledged that this is a problem but that it hasn't yet been solved. Is it definately just a dodgy player?

Secondly, all my music is stored in directories on the computer. Can I just select a directory to be played or do i have to select individual files?

Finally, all my files are in winamp format, how can i tell whether they are .mp3 extensions or .wma extensions?

Many thanks, I know its a long post!!

Comment posted on 2005-01-02 16:10:11 by: Tim Anderson.

That crackling sound strikes me as likely to be a fault - unless it is on the original files? Do you get the crackling when you play them on a PC? If not, I'd get the player checked.


Comment posted on 2005-01-02 16:09:16 by: Tim Anderson.

It sounds like you may be creating protected WMA files. This is an option in Windows Media Player. Go into the options dialog and uncheck the option to copy protect the files.


Comment posted on 2005-01-02 13:54:39 by: steve ball.
Can someone help me,just got my H140.Ans every file of musice i have download from my pc if fine.But on playback when i turn the volume up to any sort of decent level.I can hear the most anoying crackle!!,on all tracks.
I am not a computer buff,but can someone tell me what i am doing wrong,or have i got a faulty player!!??.
Its driving me nuts please help!!.(by the way i have purschaced sony descent headfones,cant be doing with earbuds!.

Comment posted on 2005-01-01 21:42:38 by: Geraint Davies.
When i transfer a audio cd from my computer to my H140 using microsoft mediaplayer (windows ME) it is transferred as WMA and i cannot listen via my player!! My player will play mp3 not WMA. If i press play on a WMA track it just scrolls down the list. Please can you help??
Comment posted on 2004-12-29 01:34:41 by: Robin C.
I have had the iHP-140 for about 8 months now and I am throughly impressed with its external mic recording. I have recorded about 30 live concerts and the recording quality is superb. One fault for recording is the on-the-fly level adjustment. There is none! You have to stop your recording and adjust. Another fault is there is no record level shown while recording. I have emailed the customer support people at iRiver and no reply. I know they could sell hundreds more if they made these changes. Another fault is the file size limit while recording. If recording wavs the files size limit is 895 mb or about 85 minutes of WAV recording.
Comment posted on 2004-12-28 04:51:30 by: Gary.
hi i was reading the manual and i installed everything but i don,t know how to get my cd that i put in,- to my iriver. and i also don,t know how to get music on it and what to press on the iriver. the manual is confusing for me. i would like it if u guys could explaine it better to me/slowly and eaisy to understand.

Comment posted on 2004-12-26 23:11:52 by: Toby Grimes.

Hi. Can't find an answer to a question asked earlier in this article; is it true that the iriver puts breaks between tracks that should run together? This would be a major hindrrance to me.

Comment posted on 2004-12-17 08:56:37 by: Tim Anderson.

There's no search facility for individual tracks in the H140 as far as I'm aware. I've not found it a problem, in that you can easily find a track if you know what CD it is on. However, a certain amount of scrolling is unavoidable.


Comment posted on 2004-12-16 19:13:31 by: Steve Rogers.
Hello Tim,
I am on the verge of buying a MP3 Player and I have narrowed it down to The iPod or The iRiver, I am more impressed by iRiver's features, but I would like to know if The iRiver have a search facility to find individual tracks?

Comment posted on 2004-12-15 23:55:16 by: Tim Anderson.

I plan to post a review of the H320/340 shortly. But to answer your questions, it's true that the H340 does not have optical in, only line in. As to WMA, neither the H140 nor the H340 *records* in WMA, though both can *play* WMA. The H140 can record to either MP3 or WAV. WAV is uncompressed so the files are bulky. The H340 can only record to MP3.


Comment posted on 2004-12-13 17:17:55 by: catherina.
Dear Tim,

I was wondering what are the main differences between
H-340 and H-140
I am between the two
Is it true that the H-340 does not have optical input?
and that it cannot record WMA files
Many thanks

Comment posted on 2004-12-08 18:15:56 by: Tim Anderson.

The H140 does NOT display pictures (you could store pictures on it, or any kind of file).

You were probably shown a 320 or 340. These DO display pictures, but lack one or two other features in the H140.


Comment posted on 2004-12-08 18:01:24 by: Perry.
Hi, i was fortunate enough to be in a shop in birmingham and was introduced to the iriver in centre. I was informed that not only does it do all the function earlier read, but could also download picture's from mobile phone, is this true?
Comment posted on 2004-12-02 10:08:07 by: Tim Anderson.
Get it before it's gone!

The word is that iRiver has discontinued the H140 although there is still plenty of stock out there. Later models are missing some of its features, such as digi in/out, and arguably don't have the same build quality as the H140 - so if you want one, don't hang about.


Comment posted on 2004-12-02 10:05:00 by: Tim Anderson.

If you get a clicking sound, return the device for repair or replacement. It's a fault, good devices don't have any clicking noises (you will of course get noise from the hard disk on audio recordings with the internal mic).


Comment posted on 2004-12-02 10:03:50 by: Tim Anderson.

I don't think you will get on well with the H140 without a computer. You can record direct, but you will want a computer to organize tracks, give them sensible names, delete unwanted stuff and so on. In answer to your questions:

> Why do they limit it to 5hrs of recording?

Just to be clear, this is a limit for a single recording, not total recordings. I don't know, but very long recordings are hard to manage so it is no bad thing.

> How do you delete audio/voice files accidentally recorded?

From a connected computer - although If you download the latest firmware, you can also do it from the device.

> How can I connect it to my hi-fi to listen on big speakers?

You need to connect the line-out on the H140 to the line-in on your hi-fi. You'll most likely need a stereo mini jack -> dual phono cable, easily obtainable. Then set the H140 to line-out rather than headphones.


Comment posted on 2004-11-19 16:53:34 by: Angie.

Had the iRiver for a day now. Can't say I like the controls - what a bummer that can be! The reception on the radio is pretty pathetic to be honest.

I made the mistake of recording a 5hr worth of track - I have not been able to pass beyond 90 mins worth of listening as when I touch the controls it seems to go to the next track to my utter frustration.

I bought this one because I don't have a computer to download mp3 files etc.

Questions I have:

1. Why do they limit it to 5hrs of recording?

2. How do you delete audio/voice files accidentally recorded?

3. How can I connect it to my hi-fi to listen on big speakers?

I reckon when I get to know it full-out I'd like it but controls could definitely be better.

Comment posted on 2004-11-18 18:11:48 by: Webby.
I've just received new H140 - v impressed. However, even after having downloaded latest firmware from iRiver, I am getting a clicking sound through the headphones continuously. This, I believe, is due to the remote unit; since the clicking stops when the headphones are connected directly to the player.
Is anybody else suffering in the same way?
Does anyone have a solution??

Comment posted on 2004-11-14 10:50:17 by: Steve Rogers.
Hello Tim,
I am on the verge of buying a MP3 Player and I have narrowed it down to The iPod or The iRiver, I am more impressed by iRiver's features, but I would like to know if The iRiver have a search facility to find individual tracks?

Comment posted on 2004-11-11 22:55:54 by: Tim Anderson.
Jenny, the playlists have to be in .M3U format. See if your Real Player lets you save playlists in that format.


Comment posted on 2004-11-11 22:53:02 by: Tim Anderson.
By the way, there is a great guide to mic recording on the H140 here:


Re. gapless - no gapless playback yet (that I know of).

Comment posted on 2004-11-10 23:27:20 by: Jenny.
Hi Tim, Is it possible to copy playlist files in to H140 from RealOne Player, or can I only do it from Winamp?
Comment posted on 2004-11-10 16:15:09 by: Duncan Kay.
Do you know if iRiver (or anyone else) have released the software fix to enable the H140 to do 'gapless' playback? (ie no pauses between tracks - essential for mixes and classical)?

Comment posted on 2004-11-10 11:01:26 by: Tim Anderson.
> I have not seen any mention of a playlist.Is it
> posssible to create playlists, for example to choose
> various tracks to play in any order I choose

It supports playlists in the Winamp .M3U format. The easiest way to use this is to install Winamp (free version is fine), edit the playlists there, and save to the iRiver.


Comment posted on 2004-11-10 10:59:32 by: Tim Anderson.
> Will iHP - 140 copy vinyl analogue sources.

Well, it will copy any source from its line-in (optical or standard). With vinyl, you need to go through a phono pre-amp that will equalize it correctly. If you already have an amplifier with a phono input, just use the line-out from your existing amp.


Comment posted on 2004-11-09 22:35:00 by: Tony.
Hi, I am thinking about purchasing iriver H140, but in all the reviews and feature sections that I have read, I have not seen any mention of a playlist.Is it posssible to create playlists, for example to choose various tracks to play in any order I choose, or has this just simply been overlooked in those reviews?
Comment posted on 2004-11-06 11:04:53 by: Mark.
Will iHP - 140 copy vinyl analogue sources.
Comment posted on 2004-10-22 18:16:10 by: Hal.
I'm on the brink of buying this player, but I just read on another site that it automatically puts a break between tracks that would otherwise run together. This would be intolerable listening to DJ sets and mixtapes. Is it true?
Comment posted on 2004-10-13 08:07:48 by: Tim Anderson.

You will get good fidelity from an external microphone. I intend to post a sample soon.


Comment posted on 2004-10-12 02:26:35 by: Scott.
I'm looking for something to record random sounds while I'm out and about. Does the voice recording function have good fidelity?
Comment posted on 2004-09-23 14:52:55 by: Tim Anderson.

Did you download the latest driver from iRiver?

When you run the install, I found it necessary to check all the options to get full functionality. The version I installed recently is 1.70.


Comment posted on 2004-09-18 05:59:33 by: Aaron.
I just got an IRiver Ihp-140 and I can't get the driver installed? it doesn't pop up like the directs say.
Comment posted on 2004-09-14 20:38:01 by: Tim Anderson.
Re. power - have a look at your iRiver mains adapter. Mine says 100-240v, in which case you can use it in the UK; all you need is an adapter to fit a two-pin US plug into a three-pin UK socket; you can get these at any airport.
Comment posted on 2004-09-14 18:47:29 by: Jack.
Hello. I have an Iriver 140 from the states. What power adapter do I need for it to work in the UK ?
Comment posted on 2004-08-31 15:57:52 by: Tim Anderson.

If you connect the hp 140 to a computer using a USB cable it should show up as disk drive. Then you can copy MP3, WMA or Ogg files to it. It doesn't come with software that will do the conversion from CD, but this is easily obtainable. On Windows, the Windows Media Player will copy CDs to WMA format (turn the copy protection off), or there is plenty of other software to choose from - WinAmp is another example.


Comment posted on 2004-08-31 15:35:19 by: Donna Williams.

I was told that I could plug my hp 140 into my hifi and it would take tracks from a cd and convert them into mp3. I cant seem to find any instructions on this and am assuming I received incorrect info. Can anyone confirm either way?



Comment posted on 2004-08-31 15:32:39 by: Tim Anderson.
> Can you record from radio?

> Can you set a timer to do it automatically?


> Can you edit filenames on the player itself?


> Comparison to Cowon iAudio M3?

Not tried it, sorry.

Some of the above features are in the newer HP 340 I believe. It's even possible that the 140 may get them via updated firmware.


Comment posted on 2004-08-26 17:04:06 by: Stipey.
Can you record from radio?
If so is it any good?

Can you set a timer to do it automatically?

Can you edit filenames on the player itself?

Comparison to Cowon iAudio M3?

Comment posted on 2004-08-09 21:14:18 by: Tim Anderson.

The iRiver will not play AAC format, or anything protected by Apple's Fairplay DRM (iTunes purchases). If you choose other formats eg MP3, then they will play in both iTunes and on the iRiver.

I prefer the jRiver media center to iTunes.


Comment posted on 2004-08-09 18:19:55 by: Gordon.
Quick question. I have a computer full of music on iTunes. Is there any way I can get this onto an iRiver 140?
If I can't, what jukebox stuff should I be using to put music onto it?
Please help, I'm about to throw it out of the window, without opening the window first.

Comment posted on 2004-07-11 20:39:55 by: Tim Anderson.
You can use most USB 2.0 devices with USB 1.0; they just run more slowly. Certainly the iRiver device works OK with USB 1.0. However there is an easy fix: a USB 2.0 PCI card. Inexpensive and well worth it.


Comment posted on 2004-07-11 20:27:18 by: Elkfazer.
Hi there
I'm tempted to buy an Ihp-140 but was informed that it was a USB 2 connection.Does this mean I won't be able to connect it to my old PC that uses a USB 1 port or will it simply be a case of finding the right lead to connect up to my PC abeit at a slower transfer rate?

If anyone can help i'd very much appreciate it,thanks.

Comment posted on 2004-06-18 02:40:01 by: Todd.
I love my iHP-140, but I just found out that the songs I WMA songs I downloaded from Musicmatch WILL NOT PLAY due to the DRM, I believe. What a bummer! Does anyone know what I can do to get around this, or when software will come out to fix this? Help!
Comment posted on 2004-06-16 12:27:09 by: quattro.
hi there!

as this unit can be used as an external hard drive without any software, what is that indexing all about?

what if I just copy my /genre/artist/album/track.ogg file structure on the device? will that work?
will it work with linux?
as my music is structured by the filesystem, I think I don't need any indexing at all.


Comment posted on 2004-06-07 10:02:02 by: Tim Anderson.
The battery is built-in so replacement would either be a matter of sending it in for service or using a third-party; I did see a web site that sells replacement batteries along with instructions, but it's not for the faint-hearted (lots of tiny screws to undo).

The power adapter is happy on 110 and 240 volts; I've used mine with both.

No idea about the guarantee; that might even vary depending where you buy it.


Comment posted on 2004-06-07 09:43:40 by: sk.
Hey Guy,
Is the in built battery the same as that of iPOD whereby when the battery gone "kaput" you have to therow the whole unit away?

Would the power input be international, i.e voltage range from 110v to 240v for people who move around the world?

Is the warranty international as well or only confine to the country where we bought it?


Comment posted on 2004-06-06 11:53:48 by: Tim Anderson.

Do you mean the firmware or the Windows software? I've been using the device for a couple of months now. Everything I've tried to do works - that is, music playback is excellent, voice recording works very well, use for file backup works very well. There are three things I find annoying. First, the database software doesn't index WMA - but as Joltan commented, there is a third-party tool (a couple, actually). Second, it can't play protected WMA. Third, navigating the file system with the buttons still catches me out sometimes. Nevertheless, I remain very impressed with the device. I love the sound quality; the battery life is great; and it performs three extremely useful functions for me (music, backup, and voice recording). I wouldn't be without it.

Incidentally, a firmware update is in the pipeline and will be available from iRiver's web site.

Comment posted on 2004-06-06 11:08:47 by: nigel brown.
I'm told by the distributers that there is a major problem with the software and the fact is it just doesn't work....."Take it back to the shop and get your money back was the response." Are other people having the same problems ???
Comment posted on 2004-03-19 08:16:36 by: Joltan.
Indexing of Ogg & WMA files is possible with a 3rd party tool called iHP-Tool (http://www.gacel.de/ihptool.htm). Enjoy! :)
Comment posted on 2002-01-03 13:24:32 by: Rachel.
I'm going on holiday in a few weeks and am looking for some small good quality portable speakers to plug in to my iRiver, is there any you can recommend?


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