Review: Toshiba NB300 and NB305 Netbook

Third, the webcam is poor quality. No big deal; but personally I’d have given up the webcam in favour of Bluetooth. That said, even a fuzzy image might make a big difference to a video call using Skype or Live Messenger, so I understand why it is there.

Fourth, the sound is weak, despite the presence of two separate speakers. These are located underneath the netbook, which may be part of the problem. It matters little to me; you can plug in an external speaker or headphones if you want. There is also a microphone input.

Fifth, I’ve had a few niggles with the software. The number of Toshiba utilities is excessive, and they don’t always work properly. For example, pressing Fn is meant to activate a utility called Flash Cards that lets you perform actions such as turning off the wireless for flight mode. It works some of the time, but after a while pressing Fn does nothing. I’ve also had a Windows blue screen crash shortly after resuming from sleep. That is the only crash I have experienced so far.

Sixth, the machine gets fairly hot on the underside after extended use, even on battery, but especially on mains power.


My view in general is that smaller is better, and I would rather take this little netbook out and about than a full-sized laptop. It is very capable, seems well made, and the battery life is excellent. If you can live with the limitations mentioned above, I recommend it.


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  1. Charlie890:

    I repeatedly get the blue screen crash on returning from “sleep” on my NB305/Win 7 stater. Does anyone have a fix. Could find nothing on Toshiba support site.

    Also, annoying but not a serious problem: when I boot up I get a stripe across the top of the screen. Various colors, looks to be one line of pixels. It does disappear when windows comes up. Any idea how to eliminate this?

  2. tim:


    I don’t often get a blue screen now, I’m not sure why; but I have always found resume from sleep a bit fragile in Windows. It’s possible that a driver update improved it.


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