The Ballad of Mott the Hoople and Ian Hunter

Ian Hunter, born 3 June 1939, is a rock phenomenon, not only still touring after over fifty years in the business, but also still delivering strong new material, as evidenced in the new album Fingers Crossed from Ian Hunter and the Rant Band. His story begins with Mott the Hoople, the first successful band to which he belonged, whose first, eponymous album appeared in November 1969. It goes on through Mott’s Island years, its glam years on Columbia and association with David Bowie, then Ian’s solo career which began in collaboration with Spiders from Mars guitarist Mick Ronson and continued with a series of mostly strong albums right up to the present day.

The material presented here was initially prepared for an “album by album” thread on Steve Hoffman’s Music Forum. It will be kept up to date as a permanent reference and guide to this music. It goes without saying that I particularly value comments and corrections; please contact me or comment on the posts.

I would also like to note the excellent book by Campbell Devine, All the Young Dudes, which I have often used as a source (and made an effort to credit the author). There is much information in the book that is not available online.

Beginnings and the name of the band, Mott the Hoople

Guy Stevens

Mott the Hoople Rehearsals

Mott the Hoople (the album)

Mad Shadows

The influence of Guy Stevens


Brain Capers

Mott’s constant touring

Fairfield Halls Live 1970

What was Mott the Hoople Live like in the early years?

Original Mixed Up Kids

Two Miles From Heaven

David Bowie and Mott the Hoople- what happened?

All the Young Dudes


The Hoople

Mott the Hoople Live

Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus Live

Saturday Gigs

The Mott the Hoople Reunions 2009 and 2013

Ian Hunter–Ian Hunter (CBS 80710)

Hunter/Ronson 1975 Tour

Why Ian Hunter made his second solo album without Mick Ronson

All American Alien Boy

Overnight Angels

You’re never alone with a Schizophrenic (May 1979)

Welcome to the Club

On the recording of Welcome to the Club

Short Back ‘N’ Sides

All of the Good Ones are Taken

Phases in Ian Hunter’s career–and six years without an album

YUI Orta

Hunter/Ronson BBC Live in Concert

RIP Mick Ronson

Dirty Laundry

The Artful Dodger

How Ian Hunter got together with Andy York

Missing in Action


Strings Attached

Just Another Night (Live at the Astoria)

Shrunken Heads

Man Overboard

Steve Holley on meeting Ian Hunter

Live in the UK 2010

When I’m President

Fingers Crossed

Stranded in Reality box set

Ian Hunter looks back

Mott the Hoople All the Young Dudes Anthology box set

Mental Train: box set covering the Island years

Mott the Hoople discography and store

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