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7 thoughts on “Comment Guidelines”

  1. hello there. im having a problem with my nx 7300, as i put the ac charger on it starts freezing and slows the system can any body tell me why this is happining and what would be the solution to it.

  2. Never mind the first part of the above as it’s now working. LOL

    I had the usb connection cable plugged in as well as wifi on and I surmise the printer or windows didn’t like that. As soon as I unplugged the USB cable, and selected the correct settings it did exactly what I wanted. WOW!

    Perseverance really does pay off. 😉

    Still need info on bidirecional for the USB connection though, just in the off chance wifi quits working for some reason. Apparently it needs to be turned on or something for the usb to work.

    Again,Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer. 🙂

    1. Apologies, we had to close most articles for comments due to automated comment spam. Blame the spammers.


  3. You may want to check your “HP Laptop Go Slow Caused By Power Supply”, as it is missing the “Leave a Reply” present on this page.

    Unless of course the story is closed for comments, in which case it would be a good idea to indicate it actually is.

    In any case, Thank you so much for that post. That and the comments that followed made me understand why the second hand laptop I got for cheap for ‘being too slow’, as a backup to mine, that is not slow at all, turned operating flawlessly once I installed a battery and plugged in my OEM power supply to it. It’s a workstation laptop with a hungry video card and it came with a consumer level power supply rated at 60% what the laptop is supposed to be powered with! No wonder it was slow, the PO had been looking into replacing the MOBO 😉

  4. I can sure understand that! We’re assaulted with this offensive junk everywhere now, even those of us who have extensive defenses against it! Perhaps we could ask our representatives to write legislation that will criminalize this offensive behaviour because it has come well past beyond the level of nuisance…

  5. Hallo Tim,
    I found your SQLite Wrapper, exactly what I need: A (small) SQL-datebase without the need to having installed anything on the computer as it is required by i. e. mysql.

    After first experiments with your demo I got an exception. The reason is: The code for EOF is as usual: “No more lines/rows to read”. But after selecting the last row of a table (with next), EOF is TRUE and every access with FieldAsxxxx failes.
    The FUNCTION next sets frow=fRowCount and following function fail.

    Suggestion for the FUNCTION next:

    FUNCTION TSQLIteTable.Next: boolean;
    result := true;
    IF eof THEN
    result := false;

    Best regards

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