How Ian Hunter got together with Andy York

On getting together with Andy York:

"I had to find someone to take Mick’s place, and that’s not easy. Steve Holley, my drummer, said to me, ‘You’ve got to get going here.’ He wasn’t my drummer at the time, but he was living in New York and I was living in New York and he likes what I do. And he was like, ‘You’ve got to do something.’

“So in the end, I went down and I did a show for some guy who was really ill, a charity show, and I met Andy York. And Andy was great, he was doing this trio thing, he was singing and playing lead guitar. I’d never seen him before. I said to Steve Holley, ‘Who’s that?’ And Steve tells me and I’m saying, ‘Steve, if I’m going to do this again, I need to work with a guitar player. I can’t just do it with a drummer, I need a guitar player.’ Cos that’s what I was used to, with Mick Ralphs and then with Mick Ronson.

“With Andy and myself, it took about a year to get the thing going, because he was on tour and doing various things, and we hardly knew each other at all, and then we finally did get together and we did Rant in New York, and it was… I was scared, it was like starting all over! But that was a good record and all the records ever since have been good. You might not like them, you might like one more than the other, but I think they’re all pretty good.”

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