Adobe engineer: we gotta beat Silverlight

There was an amusing incident in the Flash Player Internals session this morning at Adobe MAX Milan. An attendee asked engineer Jim Corbett about what he said was a long-standing (10 years) Flash bug. Apparently, sprites sometimes tear as they move across the screen.

Corbett said he wasn’t familiar with the problem; but maybe it was a problem with the browser and that was why the bug had not been fixed.

Silverlight doesn’t have this problem, said the questioner.

Then we gotta fix it, said Corbett.

It reminded me how much I have heard Microsoft mentioned hear at Max. The Adobe execs make constant jibes at Microsoft; and are keen to emphasise wins like the BBC switching away from a Microsoft solution (not Silverlight) to Flash and AIR for its iPlayer.

It really is a war; and the winner for the time being is the user, as competition energises the development of these two Rich Internet Application platforms.

3 thoughts on “Adobe engineer: we gotta beat Silverlight”

  1. Silverlight installation (on a Mac) doesn’t require the user close their browser when installing or updating… I’d add this to the “must do” list.

  2. Hello Tim,

    I am confused. Someone from the BBC was at the PDC a couple of weeks ago showing some sort of Silverlight-based player.

    When I asked around, people said that apparently the BBC has more than one player?

    In any case, I am confused.


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