Vista display driver takes a break

I’m seeing an annoying error on my Portege M400 running Vista. The thing is almost clear of beta drivers now, after numerous downloads from Toshiba, including the display driver. The graphics chipset is a Mobile Intel 945GM, and I have a production release driver dated 13th December 2006, version, though I saw the same problem with earlier releases.

Specifically, from time to time the display blanks out and an error 4101 is logged. Sometimes I get this supposedly reassuring toast pop-up:

The warning message is:

Display driver igfx stopped responding and has successfully recovered

The error is worse than it sounds. The screen blanking is irritating, and sometimes causes the current application to crash (I’ve seen this with games). I’ve also seen it when working with multiple displays. Fortunately it only seems to occur with the display is being stressed in some way – I can work all day in Word and Excel, and not see the problem.

I’ve tried turning off Aero and it makes no difference.

A bug in Intel’s driver I suppose (I never get this on my Vista desktop), though it is not exclusive to Intel; this user reports the same problem with a GeForce 7900.

This is the kind of thing that spoils Vista right now. I think this OS will work much better six months from now.

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  1. Mike:

    I have this occasionally as well on my Toshiba M3 right now with Nvidia drivers for the NVidia GeForce Go 6600.

    Whilst it’s clearly “not great” the one thing that makes me feel marginally better is that at least it doesn’t bring down the OS any more whereas I’d have expected a crash in the graphics driver to bring down XP or earlier.


  2. Steve:

    I’m seeing the same bug from down here in Australia. No problem with the beta drivers, but I “upgraded” to the release version of Vista (and all the final version drivers).

  3. robert:

    is there a patch coming out u think??
    how do u stop this!!

  4. Steve:

    I’m on a Tosh M400 too. (Centrino Duo)

    I have managed to reduce the frequency of the bug by massively reducing the demands my game was making on the video card.

    BTW, a note on the blogosphere said one guy managed to make this error go away by removing the physical dust in his fan! His error was caused by heat!

  5. Tim:


    I don’t think it is just heat in my case; for example I can run the 3dMark tests without any errors (albeit slowly), and these stress the video quite a bit.

    I noticed that World of Warcraft are seeing this error frequently with the same video chipset, see:


  6. Layna:

    Hey guys (and girls)… For anyone having this issue I totally sympathize! I just bought my laptop last night and found this thread this morning… went the WoW forums and they are aware of the problem, and are trying to fix it, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see… For those of you playing BC on WoW, I wouldn’t suggest trying to run an instance. Stupid Blizz… sigh

  7. Sky:

    This bug is quite annoying it is happening when i play diablo if this is windows answer to new technology they have some problems can anyone help me or do i have to sit and wait

  8. Don:

    I am having the exact same problem. Trying to play Warcraft and it blacls out every few seconds. Please fix it Intel. Microsoft, or Blizzard because thus far Vista sucks and I will let everyone know to stay away from it.

  9. belement:

    Same problem here tried playing GTA SA huge problems with this, installed counter strike 1.6 no problems what so ever expect playing FPS sucks on a laptop, tried Diablo2LOD watched all the intro videos and no problems gameplay though had that damn thing poping up everytime i moved, havent tried WoW since i didnt feel like doing 8CDs for the install while waiting an hour just to be disappointed. Hope they fix this soon love the new OS but come on even the HP Games work fine

  10. belement:

    Is it only 945GM chip?

  11. Adrenocine:

    Same problem here. All started with Diablo LOD on the new Vista with the 945GM. Anxiously awaiting a patch if anyone knows of one??? If you type in 945gm chipset express or whatever and gaming list…you will find games that will work. WoW should be one of them. No problems with Diablo 1 either. Fable, starting giving me problems but it works fine now. Hope this helps someone…glad I’m not alone.

  12. John A Thomson:

    I’m advising all my customers to wait at least six months before upgrading to Vista. It may well be a problem if everyone is waiting… there will be no one doing the debugging!

  13. Aimal (Aqua):

    Oh My God!
    Damn It! I just got a Laptop for WoW and next thing you know….Every minute the screen goes Black for a sec and the Igfx Driver is recovered. What the hell is this BS. I was so happy that i could play WoW on my new Inspiron e1505 1 Gig Ram, and Core Duo processor!!! Please send me an Email is anyone knows how to fix or if any patches are up to fix it.

    So retartded how i can’t play WoW. I wasted all my money to buy this Laptop.=[

    By the way. My Email is deceptionjr(at)

  14. J Rickman:

    Same here. Just bought a new HP M7760N Every so often in wow the screen goes black and the same driver error is seen when I shut down wow to see what is going on. With luck it is addressed soon.

  15. David Hodge:

    I just bought a Gateway GT5408 last week. I installed Tiger Woods 2006 and I was getting the same issue with the display drivers. The game also shuts down when ever I try to change the course I am playing on in practice. I am installing a 512mb video card this weekend. Its a Vision Tek XGE DDR2 PCI express. Any thoughts on if this will help ? Thanks……

  16. Aimal (Aqua):

    Oh man. It;s
    But Email if there are any Possible ways to reduce or take it away.

  17. Tim:

    Intel has released a new driver which seems much improved. The download site says it is version 15.1, though it installs as The driver is dated Feb 2nd though I think it has only just been posted.


  18. J Rickman:

    Intels driver won’t run on my pc :( Says that it is not valid for my pc. When I called HP they said that they can help but I need to buy support and they will give me a 6 month extra warranty.

  19. Ted:

    OK this is nuts im having the same problem brand new gateway 17 in screen ready to game it up. My card is the 945gm and my screen goes black once every few minutes then loads back up in about 3 sec like nothing happened and i get that dump driver error

  20. Tim:


    > OK this is nuts im having the same problem brand new gateway

    Have you tried Intel’s new driver posted last week?


  21. Tim:

    > Intels driver won’t run on my pc Says that it is not valid for my pc.
    > When I called HP they said that they can help but I need to buy support

    This is a new PC? That sounds odd. I mean, not the bug itself, but asking you to pay for support.


  22. Lars:

    I have a Dell d420 with 945GM and saw lots of problems with games under Vista, even with the latest Intel driver.
    Call of Duty – 3D bugs
    GTA Vice City – Flickering
    Panzer Elite – Black Screen

    So I gave up in the end and installed XP yesterday.
    Shame really as Vista is nice.
    Let me know if anybody finds a sollution.

  23. Adrenocine:

    The latest intel driver version 15.1, though it installs as fixes the bugs with Diablo II Lord of Destruction. Make sure you have the patch 1.11 and you should be good for multi and single player. Hope this helps ya!

  24. Scott S.:

    I am suffering from this as well. I have a brand new Gateway GT5412, pre-installed with Vista. It has the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950, and the display adapter is Intel 82945G Express Chipset Family. I tried updating the driver, but it says I have the latest already installed. I have the same problem as previousy described in WoW. The game freezes up, screen goes blank for about 2-3 seconds, then returns to normal. Problem always seems to occur when I turn around about 180 degrees. I imagine this places a strain on the graphics, so I scaled down my graphics settings to minimal, and it still happens. Now I have Quake 4, and thats even WORSE!! The game cant make it past the initial intro video before totally crashing out.

    Aside from this, i really like Vista, but the problems with games are trying my patience!

  25. Jon:

    i just bought an e-machine W3615, gettin this same error every other minute while playing lineage 2. can anyone tell me if that driver from Intel will work on my comp. and if so where can i DL it at.

  26. Tim:

    > I tried updating the driver, but it says I
    > have the latest already installed.
    Scott, have you tried the download from Intel’s site? I’d be surprised if this were pre-installed as it only appeared last week.


  27. Steve Kool:

    Having the same problem while trying to play Age of Empires 3. Locks up after 10-20 min of play.

  28. Tim:


    > Having the same problem while trying to play
    > Age of Empires 3.

    Is this with the latest Intel driver? It helps a lot – though Age of Empires 3 is exceptionally demanding and these integrated graphics cards are barely up to it.


  29. J Rickman:

    Ok….I seemed to have solved mine. The drivers that are on the intel site will not install if you run the exe file….soooooooo since the exe is just a glorified zip file I used WinRar to extract the exe file and updated the driver manually in device manager. Have not had a speck of trouble since doing this. Warcraft runs great as does a few others that were having the same issue. Not sure if this is for everyone but I am not planning on paying HP to do thier job and get the driver update from Intel as soon as it comes out and not after taking thier sweet time and our sweet money to do so.

  30. Scott S.:

    I agree with J. Rickman. I also found Tims advice to find the Intel driver, and install that directly. Ever since then, ZERO issues with World Of Warcraft. In fact, now I can really boost the video settings, and the game still flys by with no video hiccups!!!! Thanks Tim for the great advice.

    My problems with Quake 4 seem to be deeper than the video compatibility. I have tried re-installing about 5 times now, and the game always crashes as the intro video starts to play (even with the lowest video settings). That may be an issue of compatibility with the Dual Core Intel processor?? Maybe a Vista issue too, but I ruled that out by changing the startup mode to “Win XP SP2″, still no improvement. Oh well, Im still happy I have gotten rid of those video problems. Thanks again for the great forum!!

  31. Brigitte:

    I, too, have WinRAR, but the .exe isn’t extracting so I can’t apply this fix. I both manually DLed the driver and also had Windows automatically search for updates, but it said they were up to date. =/ Is there no fix but to go back to XP?

  32. David Hodge:

    Just to put closure to my situation…………..installed the video card, problem solved.

  33. Greg:

    I’m having the same problem with my new computer where it is saying that I already have the most up to date driver when I try to install the new driver. I used WinRAR to extract the .exe file, but how do you manually update the driver in device manager. I can’t figure it out.

  34. Jimmy:

    I’m having problems with this driver also.

    Even with the latest driver from the Intel website my comp is slow at rendering web pages and loading pics. says my graphics speed is a third of what it should be.

  35. Grant:

    Someone help me, this is driveing me insane. It keeps going black and the igfx has stopped working. UGH i cant stand it. Someone please tell me a way to fix this. please please please

  36. Eugene:

    how do i install manually

  37. karl hubner:

    I have the same problem with vista and my new chipset on my toshiba and city of heros

    it works sometimes if i reload it

    but then after about 3 or 4 hours of play it goes haywire again

    any ideas people


  38. Aimal (Aqua):

    Hey David Hodge how do you install the the driver? Please email me at

  39. J Rickman:

    ok…basically once you unrar the files. Go to device manager and find the on board. Right click and at the properties window select the driver tab. Select update driver and browse to the folder you unzipped. The updated driver should be located in the Graphics folder found within. Hope this helps. :)

  40. Jon:

    well after some looking into it, Lineage 2 doesnt support Vista, said screw Vista, formated and installed XP, installed video and ethernet drivers and it runs perfectly. only question, does anyone know where i can find the audio drivers?!!!!!!!

  41. Mike:

    I just bought myself a Sony Vio on Tuesday the 21 and it came with windows vista. When I tried to play world of warcraft burning crusade every 1-5 minutes it would black screen for 5 seconds then resume and come up with the same error message if its a problem with vista and there is an update to fix it can some one please send me an email with the patch link? my email is

  42. Darcie P:

    I was much happier with windows XP this Vista is not ready to be released! I wanted XP but I went to buy 2 lap tops at one time and bought it the weekend before Vista came out so they would not even allow us to take our lap tops home until Vista was released. Something needs to be done aout the IGFX driver and fast. This is rediculous to spend that amount of money and then the windows program is crappy!!! I would like to know if anyone knows how to slow the glitchy parts.
    Thank You!

  43. Benjamin:

    Great! It works!!!

  44. Thomas M:

    i bought a toshiba a motnh ago and it had xp and it was running fine then there was a problemw itht he computewr so they replaced it witht he same one and it also had hp and 2 weeks later it messed up so they gave me a better hp and it came with vista i install wow and then i get this crap. does anyone know how long it will be before the address this problem i mean if enough people complain shouldnt they be focusing on such a big problem

  45. J Rickman:

    Basically the drivers for the chip are not up do date. What this means is we are waiting on the PC vendor to update thier drivers, and who knows how long that will take. As my notes above say I downloaded the drivers from the intel site but got the message that they were not valid for my pc. But you can unzip the exe file and manually install the update. This may not be for everyone but I have had no problems with World of Warcraft, Black and White 2, or Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault.

  46. Joel:

    Hey can someone send me this driver please its doing my head in at please im begging ya

  47. Tim:

    > Hey can someone send me this driver

    Just download from Intel’s site.


  48. Gavin:

    Guys, this problem seems to be common to many chipsets and graphics cards, I’ve heared of some people with ATI cards experiencing this too, I for example have a VIA chipset motherboard with a GeForce 8800 having the exact same problem, I can’t run any 3d games, the display driver recovers and returns to the desktop within seconds on starting a game, even thoughI’ve updated my mb bios, instaled the latest VIA Hypeion driver, and various nVidia drivers. This is sooo frustrating. Something so fundamental should have been resolved before Vista’s fial release, after all I have a DirectX 10 graphics card wchich is supposedly designed for Vista! I sometimes even get the error message when browsing in IE7 or playing a video in media player, this is a joke!

  49. Tim:


    I agree it is not just Intel’s driver; on the other hand I never get this problem on my desktops which have a variety of different GeForce chipsets, so it is not inherent in Vista itself. I wonder if it is something like a bug in Microsoft’s driver samples that got replicated by several vendors?


  50. dade:

    hi. i had the same problem. and not only that, i have regular bluescreen errors. let me say something: vista really sucks.

  51. Tim:

    > let me say something: vista really sucks.

    It’s drivers. Vista is perfectly stable on my main desktop, where I use it constantly.


  52. Krystii:

    Hi, I just bought a Gateway laptop with the core 2 duo 1.60ghz processors, 160gb hard drive and 2gb memory …and the new vista home premium on it.
    I have only had it for two weeks and had nothing but problems with it. I have it connected wirelessly and use high speed internet through cable.
    My screen will all go to black and then come back up (like its crashing or something) and then come back up. It will do it a few times in a row. This has happened about three times.
    I have trouble with compability issues that my friend who bought a cheap emachine desktop with the new vista doesn’t have.
    I don’t know a whole lot about computers. My two week grace period to return the computer is soon over. Should I return it or not? Is the computer or the vista or what?

  53. Krystii:

    I don’t play games on my computer. Ijust browse the web and use my word pad…and my hallmark card making software that I downloaded. I never get messages when it goes blank and it returns back and everything seems back to normal. My friend who has the emachine desktop with vista has a intel pentium 4 processor. She has yet to experience any blank screens like me. I have trouble with connecting to the internet sometimes (which may have more to do with my wireless router as it had trouble being compatible with the new vista and my cable co. said they have also said they have seen compatibility issues with the vista and the cable internet).
    I clicked on to open my internet explorer earlier and the circle would just circle around and then disappear without opening anything. Then I clicked on control panel and it opened up and was just all a white page. Nothing was there at all. I keep having all these things happen and it’s weird. Then it will work again. The computer is not even two weeks old! If these are the problems now, I worry how worse they will be in the future. I want to return the computer but I’d like to at least know where the problem was coming from. Whether it was the Vista, the Gateway it’s self or what.

  54. Tim:

    I want to return the computer but I’d like to at least know where the problem was coming from.

    Could be a hardware fault, so you are right to get it checked out, but equally it could be the software drivers. My guess is that Vista will get better, not worse, as the drivers improve.


  55. Jon:

    anyone know where i can download audio drivers for E-Machine W3615?!?!?!?!?!?!

  56. Krystii:

    I found on a forum where people were saying they had downloaded Norton internet security (systemworks) on gateways and it caused crashing and driver problems and such. Anyone ever hear of this because I downloaded norton 2007 internet security (systemworks)on my computer the day I bought it. Could that be my problem?

  57. Krystii:

    They said that it was mainly a problem between Nortons systemworks with gateway.

  58. Tim:

    I don’t know, I tend to avoid stuff like Norton internet security. Decide what add-ons you really need and uninstall the rest.


  59. Drew:

    I’m getting so ticked off at Vista. I’ve read through every single one of these posts and none of them have helped, though it was through no fault of their own.

    After i tried to play wow i got the igfx error so i checked this out.

    How do you go about downloading the new driver wor a dell E1505 with vista??

  60. Eduardo:

    I have not had any problems with Vista, except for the graphic driver problem who most of you are referring to. For many, the main problems with Vista is that it only accepts original software. Copied software, especially from Microsoft products, will freeze, or not open, or cause errors in all types of microsoft software whether legal or copied. So keep in mind that Vista will give you lots of problems if you are using any type of software that is not original.

    Now, as far as the problem with the graphic driver, Intel has come up with 3 new upgrades to the 950 series. You can download the drivers directly from intel at and then click on drivers.

    One of the problems I encountered when I tried to install the driver was that the installation would stop and I would get a message saying that something was preventing the installation from taking place. The solution I found that worked for me was to do the following:

    first, download the appropriate upgraded driver for your system. your new version will be (if you bought a new laptop or pc before the end of february but after Vista was launched, chances are your driver is version – which has problems with the display driver igfx when graphic intense image programs are launched – the new version takes care of the problem)

    control panel – system – device manager – display adapters – mobile intel 950GM express chipset family.

    uninstall the driver. do not panic if your screen goes blank. give it 3 to 5 minutes and then turn your computer off.

    once your computer is off, turn back on (you can’t reboot unless you can type the reboot shortcut – as your screen will be blank and you won’t see anything)

    the computer will start and your screen size will look large (due to the fact that you removed the display driver). again, don’t panic.

    now, install the new display driver that you download from the intel website.

    I suggest that once that is done, you reboot again (if your pc or laptop does not suggest you do it).

    Doing this procedure got rid of the “display driver” error for me. I hope it works for you too.

  61. KF:

    I have the same exact problem, I only play Warcraft III about twice a week for a couple of hours, but it is still irritating. I have an Dell E1405. I talked with Dell support, they took over my comp, installed new drivers, did numerous tests, but it still occurred. The only thing they could suggest is reinstalling the operating system. I doubt it will work. I don’t have norton, I have Pc-cillin.

  62. Jon:


  63. Matt:

    When you say unzip the .exe file, do you all mean unzip it from the .zip file or use winrar ON the .exe file download?


  64. Matt:

    Oh, and what is the driver version date? Mine says 1/31/07. One guy said he was able to boost his WoW settings dramatically, but I can’t with mine, lowest settings and still barely runs, and flickers. (if anyone decides to e-mail)

  65. WeirdBiz:

    I too just bought the GT5408 with Vista pre-installed and I’m kicking myself because I didn’t realize that almost none of the programs I use are even supported by VISTA – I am screwed! I now just want to install Windows XP on this machine.

  66. A Solution:

    OK! I got my WoW flicker fixed simply by uninstalling the display driver and installing win2k_xp142550 driver from the intell site so good luck!!!

  67. J Rickman:

    You use WinRAR to unzip the .exe file. The driver date on it if I remember was a February Date. Basically you have to open WinRAR. Choose file and open archive. Find the folder that the exe file is located. Change the file type for the search in the bottom right to all files. Click on the exe file and click open.

  68. Joseph:

    First off, I have a new eMachines W3615 with Windows Vista Home Premium – 64bit, a 244Mb Intel 82945G On-board Graphics Chipset, Pentium 4 3.00Ghz.

    Everything works fine with the exception of two games: GTA Vice City (Experiences flashy screens and loss of object/terrain color) and WoW (has the same problem as mentioned above by everyone else – every 1, 3, or 5 minutes it goes black and displays the message.)

    This is not a Vista problem. The OS is not the graphics card, and the graphics card/unit is the problem here. Until you can get a new DirectX 10 card, these on-boards are the ones that we’ll have to live with. Considering that those cards are pretty pricey, I’m going to stick to finding solutions for the current chipset.

    I’m glad to have found J Rickman’s solution, and I will be trying it in the next five minutes. If it works, I won’t post here because I’ll be lost in WoW somewhere with no problems at all. If it doesn’t, I’ll return and post what happened, and also any other options I can find.

    Great thread, thanks for the info, and good luck to all.

  69. Joseph:

    Ok, I tried J’s solution, and, evidently, the computer had already updated it, as I keep getting the “You’re computer is already up to date.” message whenever I try to install it.

    I would try Eduardo’s solution, but there is only one part about it that has me stumped.. “once your computer is off, turn back on (you can’t reboot unless you can type the reboot shortcut – as your screen will be blank and you won’t see anything)”.

    So, how exactly do I go about finding the Reboot Shorcut to use and type if I were to try this?

    Thanks for any help.

  70. J Rickman:

    Joseph – You are correct it will tell you it is up do date however ensure you have looked at the version numbers. The one from the Intel site. I had to use update driver and go to the files that I had unzipped. If the one from intel is the one your pc has sorry I could not be of assistance. :-/

  71. Joseph:

    No worries, it was worth the try, and thanks for what help you have offered. I’m sure it would work if I could just uninstall it and then reinstall it manually. So far, every other thread on every other forum with has offered the same solutions; update manually, or just try reinstalling the driver.

  72. Joseph:

    PS. For those of you with the WoW problem, I’ve found that keeping the camera between a 60′ and 90′ angle will keep the problem from happening so often, or at all – It seems like whenever I have the camera pointed to a long-distance view (Except in cities, where I run around in First-person view with no problems) it will freeze up for 5 seconds and display the message.

    If you want to play WoW that bad, try that and see how it works for you.

  73. Frazer:

    This site has been a bit of a godsend for me, as I thought I was crazy, since I at first couldn’t find anything about this error. (It turned out I was searching with the wrong terms.) But it has also caused some frustration for me. I found the updated driver on the Intel site, sitting there tantalizingly as an executable file. But when I try to run it, it says the driver isn’t valid for my version of Vista. I know I chose the proper 32-bit Home Premium, but no go. I’ve seen that I can extract that with WinRAR, and I imagine I can download the zipped version of the file and extract it too, but two questions come to mind: first where, again, should I extract it to? And why doesn’t the executable version work like it’s supposed to in the first place? (And why doesn’t Vista recognize there is an update available?)
    thanks for writing about this, Tim!

  74. Chante:


    This igfx thing is quite annoying. it better stop soon. My W.o.W. play is becoming less and less exciting because of it. I thought i was nuts cuz i have an amazing fast computer, and im like…wtffff

  75. Jayenkai:

    New driver available, dated 25th of Feb.
    Installed, same problem.

    The thing is, my system’s doing this every couple of minutes, whether it’s being overwhelmed or not.
    Just seems to keep blanking out on me.

    For a while there I was worried that it may have been the hardware at fault, but I spent a good few hours in Linux (Knoppix, recent version, downloaded yesterday) and had absolutely no issues whatsoever.

    I’m tempted to go back to XP but for a few small problems.
    1) I have no more XP licenses, other than those on PC’s already running.
    2) My XP Install disk will format my harddrive.
    3) The company didn’t send me a “Vista Install” disk with my PC, meaning if I get rid, I ain’t getting it back again.

  76. Joseph:

    One thing we have to remember about this is that we cannot blame Vista, nor Microsoft, for this. This is a new OS, and seeing how it JUST came out, it was us who bought it that didn’t think, “Hmm, new OS. I’m sure it will have glitches and incompatabiltiy problems, because it’s bran-new, and it will take a while to get it working right. There’s no manufacturer who can release an OS that won’t have problems when it first comes out.”
    Can’t really rant about Vista without making yourself look a bit silly..

    There’s also some searches I do that list people with XP as having the same problem.

    I searched Intel’s site and didn’t find much in the way of an answer from them. Calling them didn’t help because I waited for 30 minutes before hanging up. eMachines couldn’t help, but it may be worth a try.

    But, the search for answers is getting shorter, and the solutions I have found are no different than the suggestions on this page.

  77. Jayenkai:

    “Hmm, new OS. I’m sure it will have glitches and incompatabiltiy problems, because it’s bran-new, and it will take a while to get it working right. There’s no manufacturer who can release an OS that won’t have problems when it first comes out.”


    But I did think..

    “Hmm, new OS, what will be the most obvious choice for graphics? “The Intel® 945G & 945GM Express Chipsets will be the first Intel products to support the Windows Vista Aero user interface using WDDM drivers.” Hurray, that oughta do just fine, then!”

  78. Nica:

    If u are a WOW player u MUST install the 15.i driver from intel…..My screen was blacking in and out….then i read on here to uninstall the driver i had and manually install the one Intel had…PRAISE MOSES! LOL now WOW is working perfectly with no blacking out….

    hope it all works out :)

  79. Heavy D.:

    I think I know what the problem is:

    Tilt bits!

    That’s a link to the article where I found info on tilt bits. Apparently Vista monitors constantly for anything even slightly inconsistent and stops programs from operating if it doesn’t like what’s going on. So, if a video card has a slight fluctuation of voltage (which happens in most computers rather often), it will stop the video card driver and restart it (to try to sort out the error). In theory, this is a good idea. However, computers have slight fluctuations all the time. The article shows a quote of ATI, which shows how much more difficult Vista makes things.

  80. Tim:

    Re Tilt bits: it’s an interesting possibility. I agree it fits with the video system restarting. On the other hand, Gutmann’s alarmist paper is not a reliable source, and I can’t quickly find any description of how the tilt bits detection is meant to work. In theory it should only happen (as I understand it) with “protected content”, which does not include the old games I’ve had problems with. I wonder what Intel did to fix the problem?


  81. Joseph:

    Well, I was able to figure out the whole uninstall/reboot process (which wasn’t as complicated as I thought it would be), downgraded to the first patch, and WoW (and everything else) works perfectly fine now.

    So, for those with the problem, try Eduardo’s solution. Or the Uninstall New Driver/Install Previous Driver solution. Or Operation UNDIPD. Or D-Day.. whichever you want to call it.

  82. Lisa:

    What is the keyboard shortcut to reboot your computer? Can I just do it by holding down the power button? Lol.

  83. jsb:

    I have a brand new HP desktop and when I tried installing the EXE file from Intel, I would get the error message saying this is not the right driver fior this PC.
    At first, Eduardo’s solution would not work for me.
    But after trying it several times because more people said it worked for them, I have realized that the step I would not do is check the box “Delete the driver software from this device”.

    When I check this box, the PC reboots with an older driver than the one that was installed on my PC.

    After the PC fully rebooted, I was able to install the latest Intel EXE file normally, like Eduardo said.

    The secret to my problem was this checkbox

    Hope this can help ;)

  84. Juniormint83:

    I am having all the exact same issues with the error message. I’m ok with computers, but not great. I would really love for someone to email me and help me out. I get the black screen everytime i try to play any of my games, or i get into my media player to play something. What is the reboot command? Can someone please help me with this. Email me at
    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

  85. hjaycom:

    I had the same proble and how I fixed it was by saying foget driver updates and such on my brand new PC that is only 60 days old and did one heck of an upgrade. I bought a new Video Card because the origional was straight off the mother board. (256 MB is the minimal I would sugest) I also did not stop there. I added an equal amount of ram from 512 MB up to 1124 MB and now everything works great!

    Seems only way to fix my proble with WOW and Vista was to bite the bullet and upgrade. I tried all the sugestions out there before it and nothing worked and the upgrade did.

    Hope this helps you all

    Regards ~^_^~

  86. Benzo:

    I had the exact same problem when playing WoW but when I went to Intels site and installed the latest drivers that problem went away.

  87. gaby:

    Hi guys!

    I am from canada, same problem with Vista, I bought a brand new HP pavilion and just dont seem to be able to play Age of Mythology!!!! is a pain in the…

    I tried update all the drivers, man anyone any ideas!!

  88. Tim:

    > just dont seem to be able to play Age of Mythology!!!!

    I had problems with that same game, fixed by updating with Intel’s latest drivers, presuming you have an Intel graphics chipset.


  89. gaby:

    Me gain ;), hey Tim here is a bunch of drivers and not sure what to pick, I have an Intel Core Duo Processor . Intel Vivi Technology pelaseeeeeee

  90. Tim:

    Sounds like an intel graphics card. Go along to Intel’s site and look for a driver update. Control Panel – Device manager – Display Adapters might give you the name of your graphics chipset; another idea is to type dxdiag into the search box on the Start menu, press Enter, and look at the Display tab.


  91. Michael:

    I have had the same problem with my game Flyff although I get the same problem mine seems to be a problem wile in the game only my screen goes black and then the game returns although all the mapping is gone all I have is a caracter in a black screen. I need to know is this only a problem with laptops or all pc running Vista if thats the case im switching back to XP.

  92. Gabriel:

    I have a Gateway Intel Core2 Duo with Intel Centrino Duo, and im playing Wow and i get annoying flicks every 15 secs and on top of that every minute the screen goes black and i get the same message. Its so annoying cause i can be on the screen by myself then the screen goes black, it recovers and I’m half dead by enemies tht came out of nowhere

  93. Lee:

    I just got a new laptop and it contains Vista Home Premium and I am getting the same black screen. The only thing that makes me feel better is that it is not just my computer. LOL
    Hope the find a cure because it is killing my WOW playing time!!!!

  94. Lee:

    Me again….It seems that the computers that come with Vista only contain enough driver power to cut on the computer…that is what the WOW support people told me. They said your have to upgrade.

  95. Jayenkai:

    Sorted it.
    Problem solved.

    I have no more blacking out. I can run everything just fine.
    Sorry folks, my answer was to go back to XP!
    Grab a spare HD, shove it in, disable the Vista drive in Bios, then install XP on the new drive. Surprisingly XP still found the Vista drive, even though it was disabled. That means, at any time in the future I can easily switch between the two OSs simply by en/disabling the primary drive on my PC.

    I’m finally happy with my brand new PC.

    It only took a month.

  96. @Jayenkai:


    You could have just upgraded your video card drivers too. Wow… crazy idea!

    Good job though with all them hoops ya went through.

    …and no, upgrading your video card drivers is not considered a hoop. It’s regular maintenance and care of your system. Your hardware should always be up to date.

    Dual-booting a system on two different drives for two different operating systems just because you didn’t know how to upgrade a display adapter sure is one though. Well done.

  97. Jayenkai:

    @ “I like to hide my identity”

    Yes, that’s the problem. You’re quite right.

    I couldn’t be arsed installing yet another driver beyond the last possible one that’s out there.

    I also couldn’t be bothered to test any more drivers, other than the 6 available drivers, each of which I’d already tested.

    And after I tried all that, I then couldn’t be bothered spending hours a day searching online for ways to fix it, every damn day for a whole month.

    Yes, I honestly sat here for the month thinking, “Wow, all that money I spent on this PC is well worth it. Look at how the screen blacks out annoyingly every 5 seconds. Isn’t it great.” and then sat there doing absolutely nothing about it. Because that’s how lazy I am. I do that.

    I thought, in my silly little lazy mind, “Hey, why don’t I piss about with hard drives, and dual-booting and stuff, because that would be easier than downloading a simple driver.”


  98. xesca upshaw:

    Ok well I am having a problem with he instaqllation of Black and White 2 on my Vista Home Premium, everytime I try to install it there is always an error message that pops up. I wish that I could figure it out I love the game and I would like to play it again. Can someone please help me?!?!?

  99. phill:

    yeah trying to play Diablo 2 w/ my new computer (with vista) and every time i play the game it chopps up the screen and i can’t see my game. Then when i close out of Diablo 2
    the pop up says the driver has stopped and has recovered…what does that mean andhow can i fix it???

  100. Matt:

    Reading the preceding posts should be your first step.

  101. Al:

    It was great to see the game finally moving.
    Following the steps above i can play Doom 3
    for a short period of time ie. like Joseph has said when you look at a long distance and or the camera angle is out, it stops, and experience the Black Crash again.
    Got the Driver version from Intel 945GM 950 – – 22nd Feb 2007

  102. John:

    I’m having the same issue when i play flight simulator. But even the game pauses until i have the display back! Strange !
    Everyday i check if there are any new updates or fixes for the display. I spent a lot of money on my new laptop. It’s a Sony Vaio. Microsoft!!!! do you hear me ??? :(

  103. Tim:


    > Microsoft!!!! do you hear me ???

    You should complain not to Microsoft, but to Sony and/or the supplier of the graphics chipset in your laptop.


  104. Mike:

    Dated 4/4/2007, Intel has released new drivers for the 945gm express chipset. They are available at*%20Home%20Premium,%2032-bit%20version&lang=eng in a zip format with full manual instructions included. I have installed the driver and it caused all sorts of flicker and resizing while installing that tripped me out a bit. But once installed and rebooted, things seem pretty smooth.

  105. Al:

    Thanks Mike,
    But still I am facing the drvier crash while playing Doom3, it works fine on XP. :’(, but is more fun in Vista.
    Hope the intel guys resolve it fast (before I finish the game in XP :-D )

  106. Dan:

    Had the same issues in World of Warcraft. Blizzard has a post in their forums about it:

    Basically, you have to uninstall your current video driver for the intel 945/950 chipset, and reinstall one of the older versions. Worked for me.

    Part of the blizzard post:

    * Intel 945 & 950 Graphics
    Users are reporting that it will crash into a black screen. A message saying that the Display driver stopped responding and has recovered will follow. It has been reproduced in-house. Some users reported success using a new set of drivers for the 945/950 series. These are released 2/4/07.
    Update (3/13/07) – There is a newer driver available that was released 2/25. These may cause you to revert back to having a blackscreen problem. Go to the driver links below and scroll down to the bottom. Click on Previously Released software to get the working 2/4 drivers

    Desktop 945:
    Mobile 945:

  107. Ryan:

    So, do the newest drivers from Intel fix these problems with gaming? I’m having problems with WoW and Warcraft III.

  108. Robbie:

    Im getting the Display Driver igfx problem when playing WoW also.(Ever since I got Vista onto my brand new laptop) I cant find what exactly on the Intel website that I need to install. I want to try updating my Display Driver like everyone says to but I cant find the download to upgrade it. Can someone please post clear directions on where to find the download. I know this is stupid but I really cant find it lol and I neeed help please!!

  109. Richard:

    OK… I have the Intel 945gm chipset on a fujitsu siemens Amilo Pi1505 running Vista 32bit home premium. I have updated the drivers to the ones released on 2/4.

    I’ve been getting the igfx error displaying only when trying to play Civ City Rome. The game installs and loads normally, and then I can play for about 30 seconds then it crashes with this error, but doesn’t restart… I have to use task manager to close the game as it doesn’t respond after crashing… any ideas anyone?

  110. Ryan:

    Robbie, what display adapter do you have? For example, I have the Intel 82945G.

  111. robbie:

    thanks for trying to help me out but got it fixed now but thanks anyway.
    The problem was that I didnt first uninstall my current driver before trying to update.

  112. Ryan:

    I have the 82945G driver and was having the above-mentioned graphics problems with games. I was able to fix the problem.

    I also got the “This driver is not validated for this computer. Please obtain the driver from your computer’s manufacturer” error.

    I went to the Intel website and instead of downloading the EXE file, I downloaded the ZIP file. After unzipping, I read the INSTALL README file and there were instructions for a MANUAL INSTALL. After doing this, I was able to get the updated driver up and working.

    My games run great now! Hope this helps!

  113. Dave:

    Im running an 8800gtx graphics card by asus on an a8nsli-deluxe asus motherboard. I got my drivers from asus and in windows xp everything ran like a champ. Shortly after upgrading to the 8800gtx card i figured it was time to update my OS. Bad mistake. Everything works fine… about 40% of the time. I keep getting this display driver error mentioned above. Also, during vista restarts it’ll freeze up my computer before loading up vista. Sad part is when a reset the comp from there and choose safe mode… IT FREEZES. Not so safe apparently. Funnier thing is after it freezes trying to load safe mode it will load noramally without error. Vista is not what I expected. Seriously thinking about going back to my XP instead. Go microsoft for ANOTHER POS OS!

  114. Geoffrey:

    Can someone e-mail me the exact steps as to how to d/l and install that driver off the intel website. I tried d/ling several times, however when I try to assign it as the new driver, it wont wvwn show up in the window as an option to choose it out of the folder it was orig. saved into. Also there are several different versions of the 15.1, which one is the version 15.1, that installs as, which everyone seems to be using? Someone please help!

  115. Geoffrey:

    oh yeah, and my e-mail is

  116. Erhan:

    Same problem here guys. I cant believe people spend millions on computers and such a big company like windows cant get a working driver. Just bought my laptop 3 days ago and been tempted to throw the laptop at the hard concrete wall about a 1000 times. Cant play warcraft. Fix it pls someone.

  117. Colby:

    Is their any simplistic way to solve this and will someone give specific directions.

    Alright i have a Dell inspiron E1505 and i just got the basic package which has for a graphics card “Mobile Intel(R) 945GM Express Chipset Family”..

    Anyways is their ANYWAY to make that thing go away cause i play both World of Warcraft and Age of empires III and i cannot play either due to this and its a brand new laptop. please someone give instructions to make it stop

    And juss so you know i do not have the money to buy another graphics card or anything due to the fact of i just got this laptop and i cant afford that

  118. Colby:

    oh yes and by the way please dont say “update your drivers” cause i did that and it says that mine are up-to-date and it still isnt working

  119. Tim:

    oh yes and by the way please dont say “update your drivers” cause i did that and it says that mine are up-to-date and it still isnt working

    Like it or not, it is a driver issue. Where does it say they are up-to-date?
    Try the driver here:
    Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator Driver version 15.4

  120. Colby:

    Update: Thanks for the advice but unfortunately that did not work cause it says specifically

    “The driver being is not validated for this computer. Please obtain the appropriate driver from the computer’s manufacturer. Setup will exit.”

    SO the reason i said that i knew my driver was up-to-date is because i extracted it and tried updating it and then it says “Your driver is currently up-to-date”

    I’m getting really frustrated cuz this is a new computer and its purpose was for WoW (yes i know kind of bad but im nerdy like that) yet i cant play it :( message back please

  121. Colby:

    By the way i dont know if this will help any but.. when i did do it manually i did NOT disable or delete my old one or whatever i just tried updating it. I would but uhh im only 16 and i know quite a bit about computers but i dont want to ruin it cuz that would just stink

  122. Colby:

    (when i tried updating it said its up-to-date)

    have any instructions like step-by-step? lol

  123. Colby:

    Sorry if im like spamming your comments or whatever.. i just really want this fixed.. im thinking should i just delete the intel drivers thing by going to device manager in the control panel then try installing it manually or by doing it automatically. and if do this and it doesnt work how do i get it back or shouldnt i take the chance..sorry for my impatience by the way

  124. Colby:

    Alright nvm Tim i got it fixed and yes i did it by unisntalling and seeing as how no1 has posted on here other than u in months ill just put a summary here for those who have the problem or atleast a summary on how i fixed it..


    1. Go to the site and download the recent driver (for me it was a intel chip and it was 15.4 but im sure their may be later out by now)

    2. Download and SAVE this do not run SAVE this

    3. Go into your control panel and then device manager and uninstall your current video chip which will be under display adapters

    4. This part is a little choppy because my computer sort-of froze when i uninstalled it but when your computer is back on and going (Dont worry it’ll get going again you didnt delete all the video) MAKE sure it is uninstalled

    5. Start up the 15.4 download you have saved — (i had on desktop)

    6. Let it save and restart your computer

    7. Have fun

    Note: Make sure you UNINSTALL this not anything else

    thanks Tim for the help my problem was i didnt uninstall it so when it tried opening it said it was not validated or whatever

    I DID THIS ON A DELL INSPIRON E1505 im not sure if it will work on all computer

  125. Jean-Marc:

    No luck here. Tried Asus drivers for my P2-5945M with GMA 950 and all except the 15.1 Vista drivers. Gonna try those next. Issue is not just drivers. There are so many posts outthere about ATI and NVIDIA carda a like that i think it’s a design error in the Vista Driver error Handling. Too sensitive so Vista won’t look bad but the graphics card builders.

  126. SeverinMoon:

    I see all these complaints and yes mine is the same Sony VGN-250E with the same chip 945gm. But what I’m looking for here is a solution to the problem, any one got one yet?

  127. Kamil:

    I have the same problem with GTA: SA. How can I fix it? Is there any drivers or patches to fix it???

  128. JT:

    So I had the same problem and used the version mentioned in the wow forums (it’s the only version that seems to work smoothly – newer versions bring back the bad behavior)

    WOW works perfect, but my Gateway laptop now shows a jumbled square in the upper left hand corner whenever I use of the the built-in laptop functions (volume up, adjust brightness, etc) Previosuly it showed icons indicating the function button I just pressed. Any ideas on how to get these working again (instead of the jumbled mess)?

  129. Kamil:

    I still didn’t fix my error :( I don’t know how. I can’t uninstall my Graphic Drivers :( And when I try to install new graphic driver for my Intel(R) 82945G Express Family Chip i’m getting this error:

    :( What should i do?

  130. Rich:

    Yeah, I did exactly what you did Colby and it didn’t seem to work. The games still crash constantly, after maybe a few minutes of gameplay. Are there any other solutions available?

    I bought the HP Pavilion Entertainment Laptop…is anyone else having problems with this particular model?

  131. Kamil:

    I did like Colby said, and it worked :) Thanks Colby

  132. Jekle:

    Hey all! First I want to say thank you for this thread. I just purchased a new HP system with Vista and am running into all the compatability challenges mentioned here. Now I see all the humor in the Mac commercials!

    More importantly, some of you mentioned having to manually install the driver upgrade because using the automatic installation kicked back a “contact your computer’s manufacturer” notice. If you have an HP, go to their website first and download thier driver upgrades. Then go to Intel and download theirs. When I did this, I did not get that pesky “contact your computer’s manufacturer” and the Intel update automatically installed fine.

    I hope this helps! I would hate to be one of the privilaged few to get my Vista system to operate the Blizzard games we love so much!


  133. Standalone:

    Hey Rich,I just bought an HP Pavilion laptop too and AOE3 isn’t functioning on it…and I keep getting a message saying the program needs 64MB video card to play….HELP!

  134. Lelly:

    Hey… Colby. What site are you talking about, exactly? I’m very confused.

  135. cameron:

    Yep same problem…display driver igfx stopped responding and has recovered…especially when im playing WOW..if someone finds a solution let me know.

  136. paul:

    help please just bought first laptop hoping to play age of empires but i cant driver igfx stopped responding and has recovered.
    dont know what to do going throw it in the canal if you cant help.
    its a intel core duo ert2250 advent
    pls help. email.

  137. Tim:

    dont know what to do going throw it in the canal if you cant help.

    Everything you need to know is in this thread.


  138. Rob:

    Im also having this rediculous prblem in WoW, black sreen for like 5s, but heres my problem-
    im worried that if i uninstall this driver that i might make an irriplaceable error, if i d/l this new intel driver is it easily able to be returned to the stock driver?

    Im not extremely computer orientated, and i cant afford to ruin anything ;) i hope i can get some sound advice


  139. Tim:

    if i d/l this new intel driver is it easily able to be returned to the stock driver?

    Can’t answer in your specific case, but it’s highly likely that the driver specific to your system is available for download from the vendor’s site.

  140. Rob:

    well appreciate it , all in all this site is extremely helpfull, keep up the good work

  141. Luke:

    ok, i just got this new gateway labtop and i’m pissed… i don’t understand all of this technichal stuff you guys are talkin, and all i want to do is play wow. but every few seconds i get the black screen and the error message. someone please email me and tell me how to fix it (english please) lol

  142. Rolando D. Cantu:

    Colby I thought your solution would help me, but no can do, and I have the same computer you do.

    I have Tiger Woods 2006, and for the first two weeks everything worked fine, and then when I downloaded the new drivers I started to get the IGFX problem. I have downgraded to the old drivers, upgraded to the new drivers, used every driver in between, and still I can’t get this thing to work.

    It only happens when I play Tiger Woods, and I know it works, because I played it for two weeks with no problems. ANy hints suggestions, anything

  143. Rolando D. Cantu:

    It only happens also when I use try and use my created golfer on the Rivals mode or PGA Mode, and I always used create a golfer. ERRRR

  144. Franke:

    I just got my sony vaio laptop and i play eq and im having the same issues as you guys and girls… any news on tha fix yet? email me at if anyone knows a fix thanks! :D

  145. Cornel Chirculete:

    So, for the flickering issue with Windows vista and Intel 945 GM, please install the driver from intel win2k_xp142550.

    It works just fine now !!!

  146. kevin:

    Cornel, could you post the URL of the win2k_xp142550 you just mentioned?


  147. Jamie:

    ermm, abit of a problem. It doesnt flicker no more thanks to Cornels solution, instead its just crashes when i try to get on World of Warcraft.. Help! i look on device manager, and i have 2 of the same drivers.. im guessing this is bad?

  148. Jamie:

    well i uninstallled the driver, when i did that to one of them the other went with it.. slightly confusing but carrying on, i tried colbys way, downloaded and saved into my documents, then restarted the computer and tried to set it up, but every time i tried there was an error and cancelled instalation. tried a few times, and then went to windows updater, i think it the inatalation worked… the screen just went off and wasnt coming back on, what i think happened is that because it was already in the ‘fall back mode’ it had nothing to fall back on THIS time, i may be talking complete rubbish but thats just what i think. any way after about 5 minutes a paniced and switched the laptop off and on again now its bk as it was with the ‘Display driver stopped responding and has recovered Display driver igfx stopped responding and has successfully recovered’ also the chip is now called Mobile Intel(R) 945GM Express Chipset Controller 0 (Microsoft Corporation – WDDM)
    and its different to what it used to be, the end bit i think. If someone has a method of fixing this please tell me, i have tried everyhting listed above!

  149. Tim:

    tried to set it up, but every time i tried there was an error and cancelled instalation

    I imagine you need to troubleshoot this error, whatever it is. It sounds like you’ve reverted to the original buggy driver.


  150. Jamie:

    ok have a plan, uninstall the drivers on device manager, then download win2k_xp142550 and then theroticly it should be ok.. what do you think? im asking because the last time i downloaded win2k_xp142550 i didnt uninstall the other drivers, and there was to of the same drivers listed was this making it crash? its either that or the driver was making it crash? im not all sure…

  151. Jamie:

    hasnt worked, nothing works… im just gonna have to take my laptop back. thanks any way

  152. Mikael:

    Hey, I manually installed the newest driver from Intel and it fixed the igfx problem, but it caused
    a very small but kind of annoying problem. The little blue volume box that appears in the top left of my screen when I adjust the volume is now just a box with black and white fuzz in it, kinda like when your cable goes out on your tv,lol. If anyone knows a way to fix this please post it.


  153. Isaac:

    I have the same problem, and the igfx thing is driving me crazy. i know that it isn’t stress, because Ive ran like 5 different games of runescape at once on this computer without it running slow (runescape tyakes a lot of memory) I need a way to fix this, because my characters will all expire if i don’t and ill b screwed…

  154. Richard:

    I have a problem when I try to play Age of Empires 3, it appears that I need a 64mb card and that I have a 32 card. What can I do?

    I have a dell E1405, with 1gb of ram, 950 intel card, with windows vista premium.

  155. Rolando Cantu:


    I under the same boat as you are. No matter what I try I continue to get the same error message about the IGFX. I have tried everyone’s suggestions, and nothing works for me.

  156. Kayla:

    Hey all, I’m having the same prob with my new gateway playing WoW. I love the game and i have been playing it on my desktop but that crashed so i went out to get a new laptop.

    Anyway, I tried downloading the new drivers but Intel keeps telling me

    ” The driver being installed is not validated for this computer please obtain the approprate drivers from the computer’s manufacurer.”

    SO i zipped over to gateway and tried that.. but no go. I just want to play WoW.. come one please help. I don’t really know what i’m doing on computer… and i would for someone to help me with a play by play.

    My email is

  157. M. Twitty:

    I have tried all of the above steps and i get no results still. when I install the drivers with the exe, I restart it and the screen is blank. when i do it manually, it installs correctly, but i still get the flicker. if anyone has a solution, PLEASE tell me.

    thx, Matthew

  158. M. Twitty:

    oh, and i also forgot to add in that my computer is a gateway laptop.

  159. Mike:

    I just got everything working smoothly using Colby’s steps although he left out two very important and necessary details.

    First, you will need to disable Windows automatic driver updates. To do this right click Computer, then click Advance System Properties, then click the Hardware tab, then click “Windows Update Driver Settings,” then check “Never check for drivers when I connect a device,” finally click OK.

    Second, when you uninstall the graphics driver you need to check the box that says “Delete the driver software for this device” also.

    Then install the newest driver from the Intel site and you should be fine!

  160. Tom:

    I’M having exactly the same problem and am not sure whether it is an error with Direct X 10. I am running 8800 graphics card. the driver does it constantly in lost planet, and it is annoying. STAY AWAY FROM VISTA

  161. demianz:

    I have the same problem. Dell XPS M1210 with Intel 945 integrated graphics

  162. M.Twitty:

    ok, i give up, tried everything for changing the vid drivers, then dual partitioning, and putting XP on my computer, and i couldnt get a single thing accomplished.

    everything i tried failed miserably.

    can anyone please tell me if theres an alternative.

  163. tommy:

    The driver update is the fix. I know a lot of people are saying that their drivers are up-to-date. They don’t understand that you computer will say that but you still need to manually install the update for the driver. After that is done, presto it works flawlessly. The update takes less than 10 minutes just follow Tim’s directions listed above!

  164. ksporry:

    I have a geforce fx5700 ultra card. MSI (the maker) does not have vista drivers. I’m using the standard microsoft drivers as nvidia does not allow me to install the latest drivers for this (which is a bit strange as it does allow me to select the card type and the OS and then provides the suggested driver…).
    I too have this problem. It started one day and suddenly it got progressively worse up to the point that I can only run my pc in safe mode!!! I don’t think Vista is fully to blame for this, but they are at least partly responsible if not the cause of the problem. (It’s like with car insurance for women. It is cheaper for them: yes they are less liable than men, yet it is their incompetent driving skills that caused the accidents in the first place!).
    As you will get with these american cooperations, they’ll both deny all responsibility and point fingers to each other, rather than take the european solution and work together to fix the problem!!!
    Ofcourse, the result of theirlack of cooperation is that people switch to apple and ATI cards etc, and then both nvidia and MS are screwed…

  165. ksporry:

    by the way, if someone can tell me how to fix my situation (no drivers being available for my graphics card and vista…) then I would love to hear it!

  166. Jacques:

    Tim, regarding the problem with the intel 945gm driver; you are an absolute legend!!! My WoW is working fine now……after 10hrs of trouble shooting that is :)

  167. dan:

    can any give me some help with this igfx

  168. dan:

    vista is the worst thing to ever come out good job

  169. bournegamer:

    i have a toshiba qosmio f20. recently tried vista installation in a new partition successfully but not happy with the display driver output on my geforce go 6600 GPU.There are portions of screen display blacking out and aero mode experiences flickering errors constantly…although i have an windows experience index base score 3.9…. i’m sure i’m not alone out here with this same problem and from my searchings i have found toshiba haven’t released any working whql drivers for geforce go 6600 so far, well that’s disappointing!!!i have found a solution indeed with a newer forceware but funny thing it is neither whql certified and different hardware driver. it’s a geforce 6600 desktop card driver rather working smartly on mobile hardware!!

  170. Jacques:

    Dan, all you need to do is download the latest Intel 945GM Graphics controler/driver; Uninstall the current driver manualy, and then install the driver that you downloaded.
    Hope this helps ya:)

  171. Steve:

    Colby, you really screwed us up.

    Thanks Mike, for the fix.

  172. Angel:

    (Very Important that you have the microsoft update before attepting this…)

    Solution: 1. Click start
    2. Right Click on Computer
    3. Choose Manage
    4. Click on Device Manager
    5. Click on Display Adapters
    6. After you’ve expanded that click on your display adapter underneath. ie mine is Intel (R) 82945G
    7. Right Click on that and choose to update driver.
    8. Choose the option “browse my computer for driver software”
    9. Choose “let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”
    10. Hightlight “Intel (R) 82945G Express Chipset Controller 0 (Microsoft Corporation-WDDM)
    11. Choose Apply and reboot… Happy Gaming!

    (This works for the graphical error “Display Driver Igfx has stopped responding but has since recovered” Error messages and black outs with this chipset for W.O.W users. )

    Woot it worked for me I hope it does for you as well!

  173. Aaron Camm:

    Hi, i’ve had this problem too, so i installed the files manually as instructed by the read me file and my games have stopped crashing…


    now i have a new problem. Everytime i log onto my computer, or open the graphics panel, i get security warnings about unverified publishers. I have trawled the web for hours looking for a solution to be rid of these, but so far have found nothing. Does anyone know how to stop these? I’m on Windows Vista.

  174. M. Twitty:

    Sorry for posting again, but i got some kind of result, but it didnt fix my problem.

    when i installed the drivers every way that was listed above, my screen just went black, but it was still running properly, i just couldnt see anything. Restarted my computer and the screen was still black.

    any way around this? im pretty sure that im close to finally being rid of this problem and being able to PvP on WoW.

  175. Sent:

    Hello after a week and help from a friend I was able to install a better version of the chipset which this might help;jsessionid=CE8AA994CFD2122F8E06DEE7AEFFA4EB?topicId=81881456&postId=818247241&sid=1#2

  176. Lisa:

    Can someone help me? I have the igfx card and the problem with WoW where the driver stops reponding and then recovers. I’ve read through this page and eveyone is saying download this and this driver from the Intel site. Well I’ve looked around on the Intel site and I think I’m just an idiot but I can’t find what I need to download! Can someone please help me out and just post the actual link for me? Or the name of exactly what I should be downloading? Thanks in advance.

  177. Sent:

    The above link is to the blizzard website which tells u how to set it up , now the problem is it will let u play for bout 4 hours then it will freeze up instead of freezing then black screen , but it is a temp fix, intel or sony should fix this problem soon cause it is really starting to tick me off, im not going to buy a new vid card when this is a new Vaio laptop…. Hopefully next few days or within next week or so. This is really annouying, specially when ur running an instance and all of a sudden get booted come back online near dead, SONY Do something soon. So far ur pcs are pretty crappy, im really disapointed with ur products…….

  178. Sent:

    Ok, after getting tired of messing with display driver igfx has stoped responding, I broke down and bought a desktop and soooo far its working great for wow :) no problems just yet, i am using HP s7700n AMD athlon 64×2 duel core 3800+, and loving it…..M twitty, u may want to press F2 or F8 and reset bios, reset it to original setting that should fix the black screen hope that helps ya……

  179. M. Twitty:

    woot!!!! the newest update fixed it for /cry

    now i gotta get my framerate up, cause its dragging pretty low when i play WoW.

  180. Bren:

    I had the same problem with the screen flashing black, not to mention it was slow.

    This was on the VGN-250E laptop.

    Anyhow, I fixed the problem by getting rid of Vista because it sucks.

    It was hard installing XP (finding the drivers) for it to work, but I’ve managed to get everything working aside from the wireless internet at this point.

    It runs EVERYTHING a ton smoother, including games. WoW now runs smoooooth :D

  181. Ian Laplante:

    Hi people I had to tell you guys so you don’t have to have the headake of searching for a fix, quite simply the problem is not your driver but Windows Aero when enabled I noticed I get the same thing but off does not exsist. If anything need be fixing it is Windows Aero.

    Note: It did work for me but unsure as it will work for you. Try it and see what happens DON’T USE WINDOWS AERO OR WINDOWS FLIP 3D.

    Not yet at least tell microsoft that its NOT US its Windows Aero/Flip 3D incompatable with most video cards.

  182. Tim:

    the problem is not your driver but Windows Aero when enabled

    Ian, I have had no problems since updating the driver, and I still have Aero enabled.


  183. JSK:

    Thanks for the help guys. I thought I was going to drive myself crazy trying to fix this. Now I can play my older games! Thanks!!

  184. NiGHTS:

    So the fix is manually updating your drivers?

  185. Tim:

    So the fix is manually updating your drivers?

    Update them, yes.


  186. Nick:

    I’ve updated my drivers to the newest ones from nvidia, and the problem still persists. Anyone else update and still have issues? Or possibly know another solution?

    My specs are as follows:

    (CPU1) Intel® Celeron® D CPU 3.46GHz @ 3457MHz (ECS 945GZT-M mainboard)

    (RAM) 2GB, 1.22GB free (HDDs) 111GB, 59.0GB free

    (VGA1) Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family (224MB), 1280x1024x32, 60Hz

    (OS) Microsoft® Windows Vista Home Basic

  187. lon:

    My sons steam account fizzled and said I needed new nvidia drivers so I downloaded the latest ones and bingo black screen every few seconds. I switched the DVI cable back to analog on my new 22″ AOC monitor and no more black screen. Of course i cant run as high a resolution but 1680×1050 aint bad but not the 1900 I was getting with the new drivers. Oh well analog it is until I get this figured out.


  188. jay:

    how can i turn off windows aero

  189. jay:

    is the update that u need 2 manually update is for wow only or it also helps other games ?

  190. Tim:


    The update is generic, it helps other games too.

    Turning off Aero: there may be shorter way, but this works. Right-click the desktop, choose Personalization. Click Window Color and Appearance. Click Open classic appearance properties. Choose Windows Vista Basic.


  191. jay:

    err tim did u try the manual patch cos when i try 2 copy dis Found DLL = C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\pft546C~tmp\Lang\HDMI\ara\HDMIara.dll and paste it on search it ses no match found and of course wid the user name of my lap top but it ses search not found can help me i cant post at the wow forums im gettting dizzzy wid dis problem lol

  192. Tim:

    err tim did u try the manual patch

    Nope, I’ve only used official Intel or OEM patches, applied in the normal way by running the setup.


  193. jay:

    thanks tim can anyone tell me where can i find the latest update for Mobile Intel{R)945GM Express Family Chipset and by the way my unit is dell inspiron 6400/E1505

  194. jay:

    thanks tim can anyone tell me where can i find the latest update for Mobile Intel{R)945GM Express Family Chipset and by the way my unit is dell inspiron 6400/E1505 thanks so much man i cant find anything T_T home basic 32 bit thanks again

  195. jay:

    i search at intels site and found a software for me but when i installed it it ses i doesnt support the version of my pc LOL whats the point of putting it there if u cant install it did any one fix dis problem?? help pls

  196. jay:

    nah dont mind i fixed it

  197. Michelle:

    I have a problem playing WOW also. I have a Emachine W3611. I have an Intel Graphics Accelerator with a Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family. I have looked at the website for and have downloaded a few things. It seems to have worked for a minute but its still blacking out. I would like to know what I should exactly do to fix this problem. I know it’s able to be fixed. I have fixed it before but I just cant remember how to do it again. Please help.

  198. phild:

    i had the same problem with the error coming up, so i downloaded the Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset, it fixed the problem with the error and ran smoothly but now i can only play the game in quarter of the screen, does anyone have any ideas how to fix this please

  199. tim:

    I get this display 12 to 15 times a day, there’s no cure and Intel does not have a solution, so whats the sense. We’ll just have to live with it til a better system comes out maybe apple.

  200. phild:

    there is a cure, just download the intel driver.worked for me anywz

  201. PAUL:

    I have a HP Pavilion PC It’s three months old running Windows Vista home premium with onboard Intel(R)82945G Express chipset graphics I started to get the same message about six weeks ago I called HP they were quite helpful and suggested the graphics card needed updateing the tech guy talked me through the uninstall & reinstall update process useing the latest driver from the HP site sadly this has made no diffrence the screen still blacks out and the tiresome ‘IGFX’message appears, When will this be fixed I’ts driving me mad.

  202. Tim:

    > latest driver from the HP site

    Possibly you should try the Intel driver?


  203. PAUL:

    Thank you I will give it a try fingers crossed!.

  204. PAUL:

    No joy with the Intel driver just the error message ‘update not valid for this computer’I dont understand what this means and I find all this advanced stuff too scary! Why does the cure have to be so complex? could someone help me please?.

  205. Brendan:

    I have been playing Games on Byond and I have been getting the same error now if you don’t know what it is it’s a 16bit 2d game that looks like it was played on the supernindendo any time a game is having lag the error will come up crashing the very small game i am playing

  206. S. L.:

    Go to your computer manufacturer’s website. Download the Intel Express Chipset Graphics Driver Update.

  207. Robby:

    i checked for an updated driver, as i have the same problem with MapleStory, and the driver is up to date with the one i have installed. Is there any chance of getting this fixed… ever?

  208. Marco:

    Hi, thanks for starting this useful page here, very thankful…anyway, i’m not much of a computer person, but i’m having problems with HL2 and the igft driver message pops up…i followed the advice here to uninstall the current driver and manually install Intel’s new driver. How do i manually do that?

  209. D Clegg:

    I am having the same problem..
    No-one seems to have a solution to this…. and Microsoft told me that!

  210. marc:

    Display driver igfx stopped responding and has successfully recovered”; Intermittent black screen appears for few seconds then returns again in a few secs. what this? can i fixed it?

  211. tim:


    Read the thread! Yes, I know it is a bit long…


  212. Marco:

    sorry for posting a second time, but I need guidance on installing graphics drivers, and what I do afterwards. I installed the latest Intel graphics accelerator driver (15.7), uninstalled the old driver, installed the new one, restarted it, and when I start HL2 or another game the screen blackout happens again, at the same place. What should I do next? Would I need to buy a new graphics card?

    (an off-topic question, a friend mentioned gfx cards, does he mean graphics cards?)

  213. tim:


    A few possibilities:

    1. The latest driver was not really installed (maybe system restore put back the old one). Check in device manager, under Display Adapters. Right-click your adapter, properties, Driver tab to check the version.

    I think there are some tips above for forcing the driver to be installed.

    2. Intel regressed and re-introduced the bug or removed the fix. Unlikely I think; but in this case you might need an older driver.

    3. You have a slightly different bug but with the same symptoms. Nothing to do but report the bug and ask for a fix.

    Yes, gfx is short for graphics.


  214. Vipul Singla:

    I had a 1 month old HP Laptop.
    Today morning I got a HP recommended update that I need to update FLASH BIOS…I did it.

    In the evening I received the message- “Device Driver IGFX has stopped working and has successfully recovered”

    I want to know that is this problem related to upgrade of FLASH BIOS
    Problem due to Intel Graphics Device driver and Vista.


  215. tim:


    More likely the graphics driver I’d say. But you could always revert the BIOS as a test.


  216. Vipul Singla:

    Thanks Tim,

    But I dont know how to revert back the BIOS.
    What to revert and how.


  217. tim:


    As I mentioned, I’d investigate the graphics driver first, especially as the BIOS update may contain other important fixes.

    Still, if you want to revert the BIOS, you would need to download the older BIOS from the vendor’s web site and follow the same procedure you used to update it, but with the older BIOS image.


  218. Marco:

    Hi again. When I uninstalled my current driver and attempted to install the new one, an error message always popped up saying ‘This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for this computer’. What am i doing wrong?

  219. tim:


    That’s an impressive error message, are you sure that is what it says? Anyway, I’m not sure that I can help further; you could always contact Intel support or your laptop vendor.


  220. Marco:

    That’s what it said. Thanks for the help.

  221. Marc Croft:

    I bought this computer a year ago and played sim city 4 rush hour deluxe and played fine for fifteen minutes. Then I got this driver stopped and recovered warning exclamation warning. I wondered what the…? I changed my screen resolution to 32 bit worked fine longer for about four hours. Im done to playing in 16 bit and playing for about 3 1/2 hours saving and rebooting and being fine. Till they fix whatever wrong guess this is the only way of playing. Sucks cause I have a new computer and the least thing I should have to worry about is graphic driver problems. Good luck guys and gals.

  222. Marc Croft:

    Somehow my last post got chopped. to all who uses vista play your games in 16 bit mode and you should have longer time. go under control panel under appearance and then screen resolution and switch to 16 bit. i noticed this on my rom games as well. happy playing…

  223. scott d:

    i have vista on a pavilion pentium 4 same problems and downloaded multiple updates from intel but which should i download??? For the 82945 express chipset???vista sucks!!!

  224. scott d:

    please help me man

  225. chris:

    You guys have just solved an irritating problem for me! I’ve been looking all over the internet for this exact solution. Thanks to all the smart people who posted…great tip to switch to 16 bit!

  226. Carlene Felmer:

    I have put a indipendent vidio card into my computer, 512 and finally…the message is gone. It worked. I believe the intrgrated memory is fighting against the ram. I am no expert but it worked.


  227. drivers:

    I have no more blacking out. I can run everything just fine.
    Sorry folks, my answer was to go back to XP!
    Grab a spare HD, shove it in, disable the Vista drive in Bios, then install XP on the new drive. Surprisingly XP still found the Vista drive, even though it was disabled. That means, at any time in the future I can easily switch between the two OSs simply by en/disabling the primary drive on my PC.

  228. ethan:

    i need to know where i can get a zipped folder of the 15.1 driver for mobile 965, intel doesnt have it anymore, so somebody please email me at or just leave a post

  229. seth:

    I’m with Ethan. I can’t find the 15.1 driver everyone mentioned. Please help.

  230. tim:

    @ethan, @seth: I had a quick look, and the latest seems to be 15.8, which I found easily on Intel’s site. Did you try that?


  231. seth:

    Tim, thanks for the quick reply. Yeah I have downloaded and installed that version but I’m still having the same problem. Any ideas?

  232. tim:


    Well, unless you know that there was a regression since 15.1 it’s fairly unlikely that going backwards will fix it.

    Worth checking in device manager that the 15.8 driver is really being used.

    There could be other reasons for the bug, I just don’t know, sorry.


  233. Mark:

    I want to fix! it Please tell me how! i would be eternally in your debt if you do ^_^

  234. tim:


    I can’t add anything to what is already in the thread – have a careful read!


  235. angelo:

    For those playing Diablo LOD if you really want to play it, try installing a dual boot. Try partitioning your hard drive and installing windows xp on the free partition. Then install game on XP. I have the same card and thats what i do when some games dont work on vista or vice versa. It may not work for the newer games since the intel onboard card sucks but its worth a try.

  236. Chris:

    I stumbled upon this blog thread through google and I found my graphics driver for my Mobile 965 chipset isn’t the most up-to-date driver, and I tried a suggestion listed above to use the updated driver from Intel’s site (as opposed to waiting forever for Toshiba to get an updated driver I can actually use.)

    Unfortunately, I unzipped the driver exe, and yet everytime I click update driver for the display adapter through device manager, it just goes to tell me that my driver is up-to-date…

    I’m running
    Intel has a

    How can I update it? =(

  237. Ian:

    I had Windows Vista Home Basic out of the box, (HP 6720s laptop) and WoW was running fine. Non of this error.

    Until today. I came home after being afk for two weeks, found that Microsoft had an update for my display driver, and, as naive as I am, I installed it. Ever since I’m screwed bigtime, every few minutes it blanks out with the message on the taskbar, now and then the game crashes in a blank screen.

    Of course, non of the driver installations work or make it worse. Who what where to blame? Can’t tell for sure. But since it started happening for me after getting the ‘updated’ version from Microsoft Update, I guess they are the ones who are responsible for this.

  238. Radek:

    Hey! Same problem here in Poland. I could play WoW well until a few days ago when Windows Update updated my Intel graphics driver (965 Express Chipset Family). I have IBM/Lenovo T61 running Vista Business 32-bit. Yesterday I uninstalled existing drivers, and downloaded and installed the newest one ( from Lenovo’s support site, the problem persists. A few minutes ago downloaded from Intel’s site, but it won’t go (.exe calls a message that the driver hasn’t been verified for the manufacturer, and when I unpack it and try to update the driver manually, I get a message I already have the best driver). But look here and here. (Hope the links will work). I’m not an expert in registry so maybe some of you will know which values need changes? Cheers!

  239. Radek:

    For the record: after uninstalling existing driver I managed to install I still suffer (well, MS tech support would say “experience” :P) the blackouts. Here is what Intel has to say…

  240. Radek:

    Here is Microsoft’s response to the issue. I can’t believe it! They’re all aware of the problem and they all advise to update drivers, which is a solution that only works for random users! I’m pretty sure that in my case the problem was caused by the Windows Update updates. Now, I can’t roll them back — the updates (2 of them for Intel 965 Express Chipset Family) are displayed in updates history but do not appear in View Installed Updates section. I’m currently looking for a way to manually remove all the driver files and registry entries that could have been “improved” by MS… Any help appreciated. I hope I’m not spamming here and these comments will be useful for someone at least…

  241. tim:


    Thanks for keeping up-to-date. My only thought is to try an *older* driver from Intel’s site. For example, this one, which describes itself as 15.4.4 (Intel’s numbering is curious, isn’t it?)


  242. Radek:

    Hi Tim, thank you for the link — I was looking for older drivers for my motherboard with no success. In the meantime I also downloaded the version that worked for many people, but i) as it is no longer available at Intel’s Website it comes from backup server, ii) it’s for 945 motherboard family (I have 965) and iii) it’s not stated there whether it’s for Vista 64 or 32-bit. I think I will try those drivers out first now and will share the results here, however, I still believe it’s the damn Windows Update that messed things up.

  243. Radek:

    Hi again — Tim, the 15.4.4 driver you linked worked in my case! I think that’s important information for all 965 chipset family users. Thanks a zillion for your help!

  244. David:

    I’ve had this problem for months with the games I play but didn’t really care to fix it cause it only happened once every few hours. Well, today I bought portal (cause I was really bored) and it started crashing like every 5 seconds I couldn’t play the damn game! So finally I got tired of it so much that now I’m looking for some help, which hopefully one of you can. =)

    Anyway, I’m not really computer savvy but I’m thinking it’s my display driver? Maybe? I went to intel’s webpage to see if it had a better display driver and I thought I found the right one and downloaded it but when i tried ti install it it said it wasn’t the right one.
    So if anyone could post the link to the RIGHT display driver, that would be sweet.

    Intel{R) 82945G Express Chipset Family
    Driver version: 7.14.0010.1147
    Date: 12/12/2006
    DDI Version: 9Ex

    And if it isn’t the display driver, I don’t know what it could be.

  245. skinnyeddy:

    Gaah! I’ve got this problem as well and i have downloaded both of the ‘updates’ above. Neither works on my Dell inspiron 6400 laptop as “They are not valid for my computer” despite it having windows vista!

  246. skinnyeddy:

    Its okay, i’ve found a solution :D.
    It’s a direct download from the Dell website and as far as I know it works for all Vista’s. Heres the download link:

    This is the page I got it from:
    its under video – intel.

    Hope this helps.

  247. bjaxx:

    I just want to say thanks so very much for that above link. Have just been playing spore creature creator all day and had the exact same error described above so couldnt even get to saving any of my creations! I got the driver from the Dell website as posted by Skinneyeddy and voila no more problem! Many, many thanks!

  248. F. Ashmore:

    I have a Vista laptop and try to run Age of Mythology on it. Every few minutes the game stops responding and then it comes back on in a few seconds. It also causes the game to crash after about 20 minutes. Does anyone know a patch for this that fixes AoM? If so please email at Thanks,

  249. tim:


    Sounds like you need an updated graphics driver.


  250. Premo:

    @ Tim

    Your 15.4.4 driver update worked for my 965 express family chipset as well.

    You are truly a god among men.

    However, this fixes my problem, but not everyone is running off a 965 chipset.

    Intel or microsoft need to address this issue immediately for those affected.

  251. Haylen:

    its 2008 now and i dont think i can download the driver anymore ive looked al over for it. I read on the WoW forums that installing that version will fix the screen blacking. Anyone know where i can find it? At the moment i have installed and i am currently in VGA mode as i write this. What do i do? please anyone help if you can! any help at all will be greatly appreciated. thanx for your time.

  252. Haylen:

    OH i forgot to mention my card type…

    Mobile Intel(R)965 Express Chipset Family

    and i have a HP Compaq Presario C700 laptop

    thanx again.

  253. Haylen:

    YAY! indeed Premo the 15.4.4 driver un update worked for my ‘Mobile Intel(R)965 Express Chipset Family’ and im 85% sure i can play WoW without the black screens of doom on 85& bcoz i got disconnected from the private server… ah the price u pay for free stuff.


  254. WP.J.:

    Hi Tim,

    I had the same issues and read through all of those comments until somebody mentioned a driver. Nothing until this point had worked. Duh! So I went to update my driver (which is another long handed experience) and yai, I got it!

    People, if you have problems check your drivers first. I learned this from this discussion.

  255. Mike:

    The link is no longer available that Tim provided on intel’s website… =(

    Anyone have an update?

  256. Elio:

    15.4.4? the link is no longer avaliable :( im downloading ( do u know if this works? ‘Mobile Intel(R)965 Express Chipset Family’ too!

  257. Daz:

    You could try (for Vista) shifting the Priority in Task Manager for igfxsrvc.exe up to “Realtime” and then (if you have a Duo core) Set Affinity for your game process (i.e. WoW) to CPU 0 and igfxsrvc to CPU 1. If you’re really having problems, move other programs which take up a lot of memory away from CPU 1 (uncheck CPU 1 for those) and then the igfx service module will get as much processor attention as it needs. I don’t know for sure if this works because my errors are totally at random. I guess there is always a way to overload this process; depending on how much stress you put on the video card as previously mentioned.

    Hope you find your answer, even if I can’t give it! I’m sorta looking for an answer too since this error nuked Cabal for me. -.-

  258. Elio:

    thx i tried that and it says that i cant do that :/ and, from Normal it switched to High instead ..

  259. Jamie:

    I have the 945G Intel chipset. I purchased this computer shortly after Vista’s launch and didn’t have a choice in whether or not to get a comp with Vista on it.

    I’m getting increasingly frustrated. I’ve tried manually updating the driver – it says I already HAVE the “best driver for me” (freaking creepy Vista). I tried the service patch provided on Microsoft’s site and it says “this is not for your system” after going to the trouble of downloading their verification software and all that. Naturally, tech support from them would cost me an arm and a leg.

    The only other option I have is the uninstall, reinstall driver bit. I get the blank screen when playing Perfect World, and even MORE when playin SimCity 4 – an extremely old game that should have no trouble running on this computer. It will repeatedly restart the video driver and finally crash.

    I don’t know what the “reboot shortcut” is and am afraid to try it. Anyone know of any other solution?


  260. Kristal:

    I just started having the same problem a couple days ago. I’ve had my laptop almost a year and never seen this problem. I don’t play games on my laptop. I get this error msg when simply browsing the Web or doing my online classes. It’s really frustrating. Is there anything I ca do to fix this yet? I see msg back to ’07. Someone let me know if there is a fix. make sure the subject says something about this or it will get deleted. Thanks and have a good day all.

  261. Oliver:

    i only have this error when playing SPORE for over 1 hour. if i just give it a break, that usually fixes it.

  262. TacoMan:

    OK, this is kinda odd but I was going through files installed with Spore (readme’s and stuff) and I come across the intel driver downloads link so i go to this website and install it and ever since i’ve installed it, this has been happening. I don’t know if this has happened before, but i don’t want to read through 260 posts.

    I see a lot of stuff like 945GM and stuff. I’m not sure if i have it or not, because all i can find is: Mobile Intel(R)4 Series Express Chipset Family

  263. robert:

    i have the same problem but i ignored not only with the games but with hd movies same thing i ignored and new i have a hardwere roblem n more laptop is dead is a hp broth from uk uith nvidia dedicated 256 mb it was 1200 pounds at that time and new is dust

  264. Joy:

    I’ve read all 263 posts in this thread. I have a brand new HP laptop. My old HP was running NVidia, and it crashed a few weeks ago. HP says that it’s out of warranty, and wanted several hundred dollars to fix the problem, plus shipping and insurance. I opted to purchase a new system instead. I had been getting the display error every now and then on the old laptop (running Vista), but not often, and there was no pattern to it. Now on my new lap top, I get the message at least every 15 minutes, sometimes more often. I don’t get it when I’m playing games, or on Second Life. I get it when I’m typing papers in Word, or on my school’s website. Not a good deal for an on-line student. I have copied out the fixes mentioned. I’m not at all computer savvy, and as the fixes are almost two years old, I don’t know if they will work. I don’t know what my chip set is, and I don’t know how to find out. The only thing that I know for sure is that I’m not running an NVidia card in this lap top. The sticker on my computer says Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD, and I think that might be talking about the video card, but I’m not sure.
    As I just purchased the computer last week at Sam’s Club, I have the option of taking it back and exchanging for a Vista 64 bit OS.
    Thanks for taking the time to help.

  265. IKONOS:

    I just bought a Dell desktop with built in intel chip set and connected two monitors. I applied all windows updates and patches required including the Vista SP2 64bit version. I am getting this error and I went Intel website and used its utility to update my driver as well. I seem to have all the latest drivers and software and the machine has 3GB memory and about 150MB is currently used by the graphics card.

    Product Detected Intel® G43/G45
    Current Driver Installed

    Can any one recommend a fix for this problem?


  266. Renee:

    yes the same thing happens to me i play my game sims3 and it keeps messing up the graphics and so i minimize the game and it says it has recovered then when i go back on the game it keeps doing it unti lit shuts down my whole entire computer im geting so pissed off…. does anyone know how to fix it?

  267. sss:

    it happens with me on sims 3 also but only when using a t.v or computer on the game

  268. equinoxonline:

    I am getting the same thing on Sims 3. Only when i use a computer so far though. It was ok at first. just annoying to wait for it to recover. But when i go from playing a video game (in sims 3) to talking to people on the computer it can’t recover and crashes the comp.

  269. ashley:

    I have a dell inspiron, and I’m not a computer genius, however I’m pretty decent at following instructions and fixing my computer to the best of my ability on my own. On top of already frusterating computer problems (My computer has 1GB of memory left even though I uninstalled unused programs, and deleted my music and pictures.) I now can’t play Sims 3 because of my display driver. Is there any relatively simple way to fix this nuisance!?

  270. Katie:

    I’m having this issue with Sims 3 as well. is it a computer issue or a sims issue?

  271. Zoe Georganta:

    I have just bought the SONY VAIO VGN-TT21WN and I have the same problem: while working with word and the web at the same time my screen goes black. I am getting crazy. Zoe from Greece.

  272. tim:

    @Katie, @Zoe, if it is the same issue it is a driver problem. First step is to get latest drivers from the vendor site for your computer.


  273. Amy:

    I have an Ubuntu CD that I haven’t switched to yet… looks like I have yet another good reason to switch from Vista to Linux. Whee!

  274. max:

    3 years and counting and still no fix

    this is still coming out on brand spanking new pcs and i believe it has to do with Vista as I’ve never encountered this on my XP machines…

  275. Conner:

    I’ve got it and it happens when I’m playing TF2 (Team Fortress 2) and whenever it happens i keep dieing from other people killing me, and im on a a Dell Inspiron 1525(don’t get Dells, they suck), had it for about a year.

  276. John:

    Same problem here. All my drivers are current.

    Again, Dell Inspiron w/ Vista.

    I’m thinking of upgrading to Windows 7 because like most of the people with this problem report, I’ve only experienced it with Vista. Before purchasing this Dell I ran WoW perfectly fine on a HP with Windows XP. Then I drop $1200 to upgrade to a much better machine, and I get this. Ridiculous.

  277. Swan:

    omg.i have the same problem with bully scholarship was fine.then one day that stupid messege appeared and crash the application :(.i have gta san andreas and it works fine

  278. Jas:

    I know how everyone feels. Whenever I try to play the Sims 3, more than 5 times is my game interrupted by the pop up box. If I ever try to play the game more than once a day on a single user page, my entire system crashes.

  279. Ernie:

    How long has this been going on now? Two years? Vista, Compaq (HP) and Intel should all be taken into the cloakroom, and summarily spanked. For two straight years.

    Unbelievable that there isn’t a fix for this.

  280. Daniel:

    Interesting… I have a 2007 Toshiba Equium A100-338 laptop running Windows Vista and receive occassional black screens followed by the message. I find that it occurs when I have the laptop connected to the mains for longer when its fully charged. Removing the mains seems to have the display return from black screen to normal quicker.

  281. Marcus:

    I’m running on a somewhat budget HP Pavilion with integrated graphics with the driver “Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset Family 8.15.0010.1986″ (so says the driver site). In playing Homeworld 2, the game will completely freeze and crash to the desktop at random times with this error (usually after an hour or so). The especially annoying part is that with multiplayer games, you can’t save the game. But here’s the kicker: I’m running Windows 7 Home Premium x64. So it’s not exclusive to Vista, it seems… My friend has the same problem with a similar laptop but with an ATI Radeon dedicated card with 1 gig memory, so apparently it’s also not exclusive to Intel (although I’m not sure if he gets the same error, but it does crash). Nonetheless Intel unsurprisingly is of no help whatsoever. I agree with Ernie in that these companies should be spanked.
    I’ll play around with settings and update if anything works.

  282. R0CKB:

    Same prob on Turbo Tax

    igfx stopped responding…i tried everything… Toshiba laptop runs everything but TurboTax!!??

  283. Mike:

    I, too, have a problem with Turbo Tax. It wouldn’t even let me start a new return until I updated the driver to G45/G43 (surprisingly, I did NOT have the latest driver). After doing that, I was able to start the return. Got through a few screens and it’s back to the “igfx stopped responding…” all over again. AHHHH.

    I also tried setting the priority to HIGH (real-time doesn’t work) and that didn’t solve anything, either.

  284. Austen:

    I have windows vista and I have this same problem, my screen goes black 4-5 times, i get the message that my display driver dies then recovers, then my screen goes blue saying it has to reboot to prevent damage, On my xp pc, I never get this problem, and I have the same display driver on it.

  285. edward:

    i also receive the same comment as in display driver igfx has stopped responding and has recovered immediately i turn on my system and i have tried to download different drivers for my hp compaq 6730b note book but all have proved am stock with this system with no graphics card.i need help on this one its really freaking me out

  286. edward:

    my operating system is windows vista basic 32bit

  287. John Dillon:

    Don’t know what else you might need but I started having this issue recently myself. When I get to certain places in games primarily WoW it crashes out, (but only certain places) can be reproduced easily. According to my device manager, I have an Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family. (Which I haven’t seen any solutions or backdated installs to go from). Intel Core 2 Duo CPU 2.4hz each. Dunno if there is anything else you might need, if so let me know. But this is getting beyond a joke and I have tried everything I possibly can, thought I would finally man up and ask for help :D


    Oh and operating system is Vista 32 Home Edition

  288. J. kosovich:

    I get a black screen on my gateway GT5408 ive played with it for 4 years in wow im finally sick of it someone help me

  289. Chris Hills:

    I have a Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook E8410 running Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and I have the same problem.