Kaspersky site hacked through SQL injection

There are millions of sites out there vulnerable to SQL injection; apparently one of them (at least until yesterday) was that of the security software vendor kaspersky.com. A hacker codenamed unu posted details – not all the details, but enough to show that the vulnerability was real. The hack exposed username tables and possibly personal details. Reddit has a discussion of the programming issues. According to the Reg, Kaspersky had been warned but took no action:

I have sent emails to info@kaspersky.com, forum@kaspersky.com, and webmaster@kaspersky.com warning Kasperky [sic] about the problem but I didn’t get any response," Unu, the hacker, said in an email. "After some time, still having no response from Kaspersky, I have published the article on hackersblog.org regarding the vulnerability.

The trouble with those kinds of email addresses is that they are unlikely to get to the right people. It’s still disappointing; and also disappointing that there is currently no mention of the issue (that I can see) on Kaspersky’s site. The company’s response to the security hole is equally as important as the vulnerability itself. When WordPress was hacked, founder Matt Mullenweg was everywhere responding to comments – on this blog, for example. I liked that a lot.

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