Visual Studio 2008 is done

Microsoft says you can now download the release version of Visual Studio 2008 from MSDN subscriber downloads (presuming you have a subscription, of course).

I believe it, because this is what I get when I try:


Looks like the server is a little stressed. But I thought you were not meant to expose your stack trace to the world?

Never mind, I’m sure I’ll get this thing downloaded soon.

Update: Edited link for one that is not broken

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4 thoughts on “Visual Studio 2008 is done”

  1. All looks a little premature that the moment. No sign of it in MSDN Subscriber downloads. and the post you refer to at seems to have been removed. I guess we need to wait for Seattle to have woken up fully (17:00 GMT?), and someone to have their morning coffee and throw the switch.

  2. The page you linked to appears to have been removed. It was there earlier. I don’t see VS 2008 when I log on to subscriber downloads, latest is VS 2005.

  3. A word of warning: I downloaded the previous version and I’ve found it an almighty pain to uninstall. So when you try this out, download Microsoft Virtual PC, create a virtual workstation, and install it on that. When you’ve finished evaluating you can just delete the virtual machine.

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