How Sun will profit from MySQL

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  1. Jonathan Schwartz:

    Thanks for your comments. In response to the question, I’ve stated (as I did today), the following. Here’s how we’ll build value for our customers and shareowners…

    1) MySQL’s business was already on the verge of profitability – we plan to make money continuing to grow their current business.

    b) That we can rapidly expand their business, and benefit from that financial growth – into our existing customers, and those MySQL could not reach absent a tight relationship with global support organization such as Sun’s – that is, we believe we can grow them more rapidly.

    and c) MySQL, although its used freely by a very broad community, is always run on a computer. With some storage. And given we’re in that business on the server side (and increasingly, via acquisitions like Innotek, on the desktop), we plan to benefit there, as well.

    So thanks, again, for coming – much appreciated!

    CEO, Sun.