Outlook 2007 is slow, RSS broken

Users are reporting that Outlook 2007 is slow – much slower than Outlook 2003, which it is meant to replace.

Experiences vary, but the worst affected are those with large mailboxes. Large in this context means thousands of messages and several GB size. Looking at the newsgroups there may be a particular problem with Outlook on 64-bit Windows. I’m not impressed; though it’s not yet clear how widespread the problem is. I’d be interested in comments.

Confession time: I have a huge mailbox. That means I can easily find old email correspondence, and that’s a feature I value. Furthermore, I lack the time or patience to sift through and delete what is no longer required. Unfortunately, the most effective advice for those suffering from slow Outlook 2007 installations seems to be: reduce the size of your mailbox.

While there may be good organizational reasons for doing this, it seems odd that it is needed on today’s machines, with vast amounts of RAM and disk space, and unspeakably fast CPUs. And if you use Exchange, be sure that you archive to a server location, otherwise you can end up with several little archives littered over every machine you use, and they likely will not be backed up.

Why should users have to prune their mailbox because the very latest Outlook cannot cope with it as well as the older version? Surely it is not that difficult to query and display emails from a local database?

I’m also disappointed that, for all the talk of user experience, the new Outlook does not slow down gracefully. You know the kind of thing: you start the application and an unresponsive, semi-painted window appears for a while. You click to change folders and the application appears to hang. You click to drop-down a menu and the application freezes for several seconds. Isn’t this the kind of thing that background threads are meant to help with?

As for RSS, I can’t make sense of what Outlook 2007’s designers were aiming at here. Note that I think the RSS central store, installed with IE7, is a great idea. However, “central store” in this context means central to the local machine. What Outlook seems to do is to copy the contents of this store to your mailbox and then keep it synchronized. I think that’s a mistake: mailboxes are big enough already, and Outlook would do better to query the central store dynamically.

The real problem comes when you use Outlook with Exchange. Many users take advantage of the server-side mailboxes in Exchange by using Outlook on several different machines, all pointing to the same Exchange mailbox. For me, this is the primary advantage of Exchange and Outlook. But what if those several different machines have different RSS feeds in their central store, or even the same ones?

So far, it appears that Outlook cannot cope. I end up with duplicate feeds, I end up with feeds showing in the RSS feeds folder that are not listed in Tools – Account Settings – RSS Feeds; in fact this list is empty on my desktop machine, Sync is turned off, but I still have a ton of feeds in the Outlook RSS feeds folder.

It seems simple to me. Either Outlook’s RSS integration should be 100% local, in which case you just see what is in the central store on your current machine. Or it should be 100% server-based, in which case Exchange should handle the RSS updates. Mixing the two is just silly.

Tip for improving Outlook performance: if you are happy to do this, go into Tools – Account settings – Microsoft Exchange Server – Change – More settings – Security, and remove the checkbox from “Encrypt data between Outlook and Exchange”. Other factors may be search engine integration (Microsoft’s or other), A/V integration, or other add-ins.

Bottom line: I suggest caution before rolling this out over a network.

Update: other tips you can try

A few other things that have helped people:

  1. Exchange users: Remove Outlook 2003 and do a clean install of Outlook 2007, making sure that a new offline store is created from scratch.
  2. Run on Vista.
  3. Turn off indexing. Tools – Options – Search options – uncheck all folders. It’s a shame to do this as the indexed search is useful.
  4. Let indexing complete. Might be worth leaving the machine running overnight.
  5. Reduce the size of your mailbox (of course).

The above will not solve all the problems, but can mitigate performance issues.

Further update

Microsoft has posted some official workarounds. See here for comment and link

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196 comments to Outlook 2007 is slow, RSS broken

  • Rodrigo

    One last note, before I removed the addin, I could observe Outlook cycling from 0% to about 50% CPU usage every 3-5 seconds in the Task Manager, that behavior is now gone. Maybe we can’t lay the entire blame on Microsoft but these “addin” providers need to check their work and shame on Dell for loading their systems with so much garbage. It’s my fault for not specifying a clean install I guess.

  • Simon Harris

    Outlook 2007 (official release)runs like a total pig, hangs all the time during send receive which goes on for 30 seconds or more even with a 30kb email. All add ins disabled, RSS disabled, checks only one mailbox. I am using Vista. Yesterday I decided to uninstall and reinstall 2003., After doing so 2003 would only start in safe mode! tried everything, repair ect to no avail, in the end I had to go back to 2007 and it runs even more slowly. This is not good . . . . . Outlook has always been my main reason to be using windows instead of Mac but now I am considering just going all Mac because if Microsoft were unable to improe outlook 2007 from the Beta to official release, are they really going to fix these issues with a service pack? Doubtful and it will be months before one even appears. Note to anyone thinking of ‘upgrading’ to Outlook 2007 . . . .DON’T DO IT!

  • Hooms

    Not to be overly redundant, but this Outlook 2007 is a complete waste of time, and not worth the upgrade. Unless someone can figure out how to fix this with a new version, service patch, or something else, it is not worth the upgrade. My mailbox is not as big as others (about 2.3 GB – since I am constantly archiving due to an error that the box is too large when I get close to 2.5 GB), but even with this, Outlook keeps stalling and hanging. The slow response is constantly happening, not only with send/receive. For example, just going between folders will cause a hang/stall. I get about 400 emails a day, and delete a lot, and file many more. This new version slows my productivity a lot. As an attorney charging by the minute, the wasted time is not worth the new look. Think twice about upgrading. BTW, it can’t be my laptop either, Dell Latitude D420, with dual core 1.2 GHz, and 2 GB RAM.

  • Mke Bisson suggested this fix for Outlook 2007 when running on Vista (only on Vista folks!):

    Go to Programs -> Accessories and right click on command prompt and select “run as administrator”

    Then type in the following:
    netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disable

    Seems like there is an issue with the new network stack in Vista!



  • Hello. I just manufactured a Vista 64-bit Home Premium PC for a customer. Outlook 2007 is very slow to start but seems to work okay once it’s started. It takes 28 seconds to load. My God! There’s a Core 2 Duo E6400 CPU on this machine with 2GB system memory.
    The pst file is only a couple of meg with just contacts.
    I remember seeing a Vista demo where once you load a program, close it, it would come back instantly. Not. It still takes 28s to load when run again in the same session.
    I’ve found a few bugs in Vista also but I’ll limit my comments to Outlook.
    Dave Schmidt
    Wolfland Computers

  • I also tried John Thomson’s suggestions about disabling autotuninglevel with no result.

  • Tony Val

    I disabled the Outlookaddin from Cyberlink by running Outlook in Safe Mode and although this resolved the slowness issue, it created other problems within Vista Business, i.e. the Aero feature was lost and the background behind the gadgets became gray. There may have been other issues which I didn’t discover. Ultimately, I had to do a System Restore to fix Windows Vista. This also re-enabled the Outlookaddin in Outlook 2007.

    Does anyone have any experience if I follow the suggestions on this forum to remove the Outlookaddin program through the Control Panel if this might create other problems? I am particularly concerned about removing it versus simply disabling it since once it is removed it is gone and if other problems surface I don’t know how I would reinstall it.


  • I gave up and went back to Outlook 2003, man it is good to be home. The speed is great agian and it whips email down in seconds. To bad because Outlook 2007 was pretty to look at.

    Maybe Outlook 2007 Service Pack 2 or 3 will make Outlook 2007 usuable.

  • bish

    YEp same for me 2003 rocked with many pops and 1gb pst, 2007 takes 20 minutes every morning to get my emails all 100K of them via pop.

    compacted, archived, reapired, whatever it just plain sucks under XP (works well with vista) rollback for me too!

  • LiamK

    I have no idea why Microsoft has not publicized this. It has proven the most ridiculously effectively cure imaginable. All you have to do is open Outlook 2007, click the ‘tools’ tab/ trust center/ add-ins/ “go” (at the very bottom)/ and uncheck ‘outlookaddin.’ That’s it! Hope this helps.

  • Tony Val

    It won’t let me uncheck the box. I get a message that says: “The connected state of Office Add-ins registered in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE cannot be changed.” How do you get around this?

  • I have no idea why Microsoft has not publicized this. It has proven the most ridiculously effectively cure imaginable. All you have to do is open Outlook 2007, click the ‘tools’ tab/ trust center/ add-ins/ “go” (at the very bottom)/ and uncheck ‘outlookaddin.’ That’s it! Hope this helps.

    That did not fix the problem.

  • Samir

    Has the same issue as all the rest. Mine is an upgrade of Office 2007 on top of XP SP2 (Corporate Image of Vista is not ready). I have a single core Dell D420 with 1.5MB RAM. I have broken my message stores to multiple pst’s my date. Performance was very slow compared to Outlook 2003 – just went into the Trust Center and disabled most of the add-ins. I will add one by one back to see which one was the culprit but so far performance has improved. Will keep you posted.

  • Here’s an interesting one…

    After logging a call with Microsoft, with similar problems with Outlook 2007 not responding, hanging, and generally behaving badly. The engineer and I realised through trial and error (using msconfig to disable all non-ms services and all startup progs and then slowly re-enabling and restarting after each!!!) that the culprit was Skype And now all is well 🙂

  • Martin Myburgh,

    I don’t have Skype installed on any machine.

  • I had slow Outlook issues in both 2003 and 2007 and figured out it was due to some pre-installed software from Dell. The software was called Outlookaddin in the add/remove programs control panel and after I removed it, both Outlook 2003 and later 2007 worked perfectly.

  • Steve

    No Dell pre-installed sw to remove, Skype not the issue. In fact I’ve done all the ‘cures’ listed on here so far (and other suggestions I’ve found) and Outlook 2007 still hangs horribly for me.

  • Geoff

    I just thought I’d add my experience for the record. Just purchased a new Quad-core with 4GB RAM and the machine freezes during send/receive with Outlook 2007. My PST file is approx 4GB. I’m running XP SP2.

    Interesting that it’s not because it’s using lots of system resources.

    Amazing considering that OL 2003 never performed this pootly.

  • Simon Harris

    Finally an update for Outlook 2007!

    the junk mail folder has been improved:

    now if they would only fix the other things, I caould actually use the program.

  • Wes Hsu

    I’m in the same boat. I installed a fresh copy of Outlook 2007 (on XP SP2). My 1+GB PST was converted to the new format back when I was running pre-release versions. I, too, thought the performance issues would have been resolved by RTM. I have tried all of the suggestions mentioned, except archiving my main PST. The only very slight performance gain was when I disabled the iTunes add-in (all other addins are disabled except for Qurb/CA Anti-spam…but I had this performance issue before I installed Qurb). S/R still kills my machine due to intense hard drive thrashing. I’m running on a Core 2 Duo T7400 with 2GB of RAM.

    I also ran a little test under the assumption that the upcoming SSDs will be faster than our current hard drives. I copied my PST to a SanDisk Ultra II SD card that resides in my integrated SD reader. I was expecting an improvement in performance, but boy was I wrong! You think Outlook ’07 is slow now? Ha. It ran probably 2-3 times slower using the SD card.

    As another aside, I was running Vista RTM for a while and I don’t recall being nearly as frustrated with Outlook ’07 on it. In fact, for me, most programs seemed to run faster under Vista. Part of it may be because I was using that 2GB SD card as a ReadyBoost cache.

    There are 2-3 more programs that I need to be updated before I can switch back to Vista.

    Wes Hsu

  • Terence Johnson

    After much fighting, I have speeded Outlook 2007 up to a useable state. It still has major bugs, however.

    Steps so far:

    1 – Disabled plugins for BCM, Unified Messaging, Sharepoint and PDF Maker.
    2 – Turned off attechment preview (Trust Center -> Attachment Handling)
    3 – Turned off header shading and line break mangling (Options -> Email Options)

    Remaining problems:

    1 – Outlook memory usage goes up massively whenever an HTML email is opened. This memory isn’t released when the message window is closed, and goes up further each time.
    2 – Send/Receive still hangs Outlook when syncing up a large set of IMAP folders.

    New problem:

    I’ve had a couple of crash-to-desktop incidents. Not sure of the cause yet, but at least these send telemetry back to Microsoft to alert them to some of the problems.

  • Terence Johnson

    There’s a related bug with Windows Desktop Search:

    Starting Outlook 2007 unsnoozes the search indexer, causing an immediate drop in performance and additional disk I/O, even though the notification area icon still thinks it is snoozing.

    To stop it again, you have to uncheck and recheck snooze on the notification area menu.

  • Ultimately, I had to do a System Restore to fix Windows Vista. This also re-enabled the Outlookaddin in Outlook 2007.

  • Steven

    It would be interesting to see if my OL2003 XP workaround helps OL2007 Vista.

    My OL2003 bogs down if I have more than one E-mail account (even if not downloading more than one at a time). One “fix” is reducing to a single E-mail account, but that’s not very practical.

    My “workaround” is to log on to any other XP account (admin or limited) and download the E-mail from the desired account using the “Run as…” option. It turns a 1000 E-mail, 20 minute download into a 90 second download for me.

  • Rudi

    I almost gave up on Outlook 2007. I also had to install the Windows Mobile Device Centre to synchronise the files of my JasJam PDA. This I thought slowed things downs even more.
    I rang Dell support (my coputer is an XPS m1210) and was advised to uninstall the Outlook 2007 Addin(forgot the real name) from the list of installed programs through the uninstall function on the Control Panel. This Addin is apparently a program provided by Dell and has to do with the MediaDirect function preinstalled in a separate partition on the hard drive. I uninstalled the program and – wallah! – everything works perfectly!
    I hope the technician at Dell will not end up in the hot water for telling me that the Addin is useless and cause conflict between itself and Outllok. Thanks, Mate!

  • Niles Crum

    I just got a new Dell Laptop loaded with Vista and Ooutlook 07. Everything works fine except for Outlook 07. When I attempt to type a message there is a long and I mean a long delay from when you type to when the letters appear on the email. And then it is like the curser does not work as when you click on it nothing happens – you have to wait for ever. I thought something was wrong with my mouse until I noticed this did not happen if I was surfing the net.

    I do not have a large mailbox. I am a personal user and this happended when my mailbox was empty. I have been on two long calls with Dell and they just told me there was no way to fix this and referred me to this blog as proof. They are going to allow me to return my laptop.

    Is there a way to just take off Outlook 07 and put the most recent version on and keep my laptop? The technicians at Dell did not speak very good English and I am not very computer literate but it seems a shame to return a laptop when there is just a problem with the email software.

  • I am happy (well not really) to see that I am not alone. I have a fairly awesome dual P4 Xeon 2.6 ghz workstation I built a year ago with 3.5 GB ram 5 300 GB SATA2 drives and I had to turn off automatic send/receive just to use the computer. I hit send/receive manually when I am leaving the computer. I had a 1.6 GB PST. I also keep my previous year’s pst (700MB) open for quick access to email info and I always show 1.5GB free ram but almost anything in O7 makes me think i am back on my 90mhz Pentium computer from 1994. Microsoft has never taken such a giant step backward as they did here. I really need the emails because many of my customers contact me once or twice a year and expect me to know what they got on the last order and it was great to be able to have that info at my finger tips. Now it would be faster to print them out and thumb through a filing cabinet!

    Hopefully someone who cares at MS (oops – that is kind of an oxymoron) might read the frustrations they have caused and maybe they can compile the code and make it run faster. This runs like a program that is trying to compile on the fly.

  • Corey

    I have read the comments and empathize. I have a customer who had Exchange 2003 and Outlook 2003. After upgrading and some clean installs of Office 2007 on all XP Pro PCs, Outlook 2007 is grudgingly slow. This is with small or large Exchange mailboxes. It can take 15 seconds for Outlook 2007 to even open with a small mailbox. I have followed all the suggestions here and more. I have been in touch with Microsoft Private Newsgroups and have been getting advice. None of it has helped to resolve the issue so far. But I can share what I have learned with some surprising results:

    1) Outlook 2007 with Exchange Caching mode on makes a big difference, but it is still slow.

    2) If I start Outlook 2007 and click on File-Work Offline, it speeds up to Outlook 2003 speeds! This implies Exchange 2003 connection issues.

    3) If I remove the Exchange mailbox from Outlook 2007 and work completely with a new (yes, that means very tiny) .pst file, then it moves at Outlook 2003 speeds – ie. instant response. This also implies Exchange 2003 connection problems.

    My questions to the people using Exchange are:

    Have you tried working offline to see if this affects your speed?

    Have you tried using Outlook without an exchange mailbox to see if this affects the speed?

    The people telling of Outlook 2007 problems related to Exchange, PLEASE TELL US WHAT VERSION OF EXCHANGE YOU ARE USING. Is anyone using Exchange 2007 with these slowdown issues? Perhaps that takes care of the issues?

    The microsoft tech told me that Exchange 2007 is meant to work with Outlook 2007 better, so this may be a partial solution.

  • Roger Hand

    Wow, am I glad I found this page!

    Outlook 2007 had been grinding away for about 8 hours and was virtually non-responsive and completely unusable. I disabled the CyberLink OutlookAddin and now Outlook 2007 acts like a real email program again!

    For what it’s worth, I do have a Dell, but did not buy Office to be installed on the box (I get my copy and license from work). Nonetheless it still had the OutlookAddin installed.

    Also, I am starting with no PST file … I haven’t copied that over yet. And I am connected to an Exchange server (sorry, don’t know what version). I’ll see what happens when I copy my PST over from my old box.

  • Corey


    Thanks for your input. Can you call tech support and find out what version of Exchange they are using?

    Also, are you using Vista or XP on your Dell? Thanks!

  • BoiseGuy

    specifics – Exchange 2003 as server (very large enterprise)
    Laptop with XPsp2, Office 2007
    Desktop with Vista, Office 2007
    PST exists on desktop and I pull the pst from desktop to laptop daily. It is about 90meg.

    Watching Sue Mosher’s site (, this site and a few others plus MS’s kb stuff; for one and other kb info (use google to search kb’s)

    My biggest issues –
    #1 – the To, CC, BCC lines; if I type something and I want to go back and change it hangs for a few moments to several moments (15 secs is FOREVER)
    #2 – Plugins not working…to many to note, so I’d like to find (looking now) a place that states what each plugin I have does.

  • Johnny Dee

    Ok, haters. M$ has finally released a patch for the “slowness” problem in Outlook 2007.

    Update for Outlook 2007 (KB933493)

    Brief Description

    This update fixes a problem in which a calendar item that is marked as private is opened if it is found by using the Search Desktop feature. The update also fixes performance issues that occur when you work with items in a large .pst file or .ost file.

    Now go back under the bridge and be quiet. 🙂

  • Corey


    Plugins were causing my problems on the Outlook 2007 clients. I removed SpamBayes (which worked with Outlook 2003 and prior) and it sped things up well into the acceptable level.

    What I also did not tell everyone was that I set up a Terminal Server on Server 2003 with Exchange Server on it as well. This is not supported by MS, although it works well. However, when I upgraded to Outlook 2007 from 2003, the speed became gruesome. It takes 15 seconds or more just to start Outlook. It takes a long time to move between Mail to Calendar. Actually anything to Calendar is very slow. Since this configuration is not supported, there is no MS help. The customer’s only options are to drop back to Office 2003 on the Terminal Server or live with the speed problem. They have chosen to live with the speed problem.

    That Outlook 2007 update may work for desktops, but it does not fix the problem they have on the Terminal Server. I tested it and it does not fix the problem because on a TS there is no .OST or .PST file being used – it is forced to be ONLY a direct Exchange 2003 mailbox connection.


  • Jdogg

    My Word 2007 slows down to a halt when I try open file types from earlier versions ( .doc ) It goes into computability mode but it takes about 3 minutes just to open the file due to it not being a .docX file. This is bull shit if they are changing the file type at least make it faster to open older files not slower. Furthermore, 90% of the population will be using those older formats so now your going to have to save your files twice.

    And yes Outlook 2007 goes to a halt also when I send / Receive.

  • Hello. I am a Program Manager on the Outlook team at Microsoft. I saw this post discussing the performance issues you’ve seen in Outlook 2007 and I wanted to let you and your readers know that we’ve released an update designed to improve performance in Outlook 2007, especially for large mail stores.

    You can read more details about the update in this blog:

    Here is a direct link to the download:

    Thanks for your support.
    – Jared Brown [MSFT]

  • Steve

    This patch has helped – hangs of 20-30 seconds have been reduced to hangs of 2-3 seconds, which is certainly an improvement. Hopefully the next patch will get it to the speed I got used to in 2003.

  • Ellie

    I’m running a Dell laptop and was ready to jump from a window after I upgraded to Outlook 2007. It slowed down everything – not just Outlook. Many programs stopped working properly. Finally I found your site and saw the posts about Media Direct. I uninstalled it via the control panel and voila! Everything – including Outlook 2007 – is working like a dream.

  • MikeJJ

    I also have a Dell laptop,running Vista, and found Outlook 2007 painfully slow. I have spent a whole day talking to Microsoft changing various parameters to no avail. Then saw the post about Media Direct, uninstalled it, and now Outlook runs absolutely fine. I have applied all the latest updates from Microsoft and my .pst file is about 1GB.

  • Aj Malla

    I’ve tried all the fixes that are mentioned above and my outlook is at most 10% of the speed that I used to get with the 2003 version. Yes, I have tried the patch from microsoft (post 135) which does nothing. Disabled all the add-ins and RSS feeds as well as started using it in safe mode to no avail.

    The sad part is that the only reason I bought office 2007 was because of Outlook, and my trust for the older version. After 6 hours of tinkering around, I gave up last night and downgraded.

    I have to commend MS for one thing though, the downgrade went without any hiccups. Everything restored to its original state. Maybe it was expected….

    I think I am going to stick with OL’2003 until MS can re-assure everyone with a big patch that fixes this bug.

    My setup: OL’07 on XP on a T43 Thinkpad with 1Gb of pst file.

  • Skiwi

    I also had outlook being almost unuseable slow. Deleteing mediaconnect from control-panel -> software fixed it.

    Now its doable but still unstable. Hangs for a few seconds sometimes

  • simon harris

    Since installing the patch outlook functions fine (it has completely fixed the slowness issue) BUT now the Index search will not work, it no longer indexes emails in outlook and I rebuilt the file to try to get it working again and not only has it not fixed the problem it removed all the previous indexed emails and now can find nothing when doing any search within outlook. This is one of the major new features of Vistaa/Office 2007 effectively disabled by installing the patch.

  • neil

    Well I have a brand new Toshiba laptop, Vista Ultimate, and trial of Office 2007. No large pst file size as brand new POP3.

    Diagnostics detect no problem, Internet speed is fine.

    Can’t even download one small POP3 message, it downloads at about 10 BYTES per minute max!

    I tried to install the patch but Windows Genuine test fails (details show it passes for Office 2007 pro but fails for a non-existant Home and student edition (which I don’t have), so I can’t even istall the patch!

    Disabling McAffy doesn’t help.

  • neil

    Update to above, I found that I could access SOME pop servers OK but not earthlink’s which was rediculously slow. I then tried a direct PC to DSL modem connection and found I could access earthlink’s pop server just fine, but another ISP that had been fast behind the router became rediculously slow.

    I tried the Mike Bisson netsh fix (see posting 104) and it cured all.

    This may also explain problems I had had accessing some websites (such as microsoft, adobe) when others worked very well (in fact a speedtest logged me at 9.8MBytes / second).

  • Scott

    My new Dell laptop had very slow OL 2007, and after reading many posts, I did the Dell recommended fix of removing Outlook Addins Setup (Cyberlink) in control panel/remove programs.

    OL 2007 is much faster now.

  • I went into Tools , Instant Search, Search Options, and unchecked my folder, and Instant Search pane on selected folder only.

  • I was waiting 2-5 minutes for my 4GB .pst to respond to the check for new email, and of course, found this thread, and others and found the Vista desktop search (instantaneous) is not a good thing for email since junk email and other forms of incoming email do not need to be immediately indexed.

    my previous post made my email perform so much faster…

    good luck all.

    reno, nv

  • Paul

    All, well I was having a huge problem with the POP. I went to my POP server (Mercury) and forwarded all my mail to a G-Mail account, setup the G-Mail account to ‘enable pop’, setup Outlook 2007 to pull it down from the G-mail and it works smooth!!!!

    So, is there a problem with ALL POP accounts or just some? I am sending out through the POP (Mercury) server and pulling down through POP (G-Mail)……

  • David Natelson

    I fixed my performance problems on Outlook 2007 by changing the server timeout. I use Pop. The timeout was 30 seconds, I set it to 10 minutes.

    Suddenly Outlook 2007 runs as fast as outlook 2003.

    Still having other “vista” problems… but this is finally usable.

  • Erek Kirsten

    Writing email in Outlook 07 is driving me mad.
    It will randomly freeze up completely while composing email and I’ll have to restart Outlook. It was suggested that I disable automatic “send/receives” but to no avail.

    I have both exchange and pop email accounts.

  • Canada

    I’ve tried all the fixes, and Outlook 2007 is still making my stomach churn daily. I have tried all the suggestions, and Microsoft’s fix on two machines (both my own). Both are Vista. One has 2 gigs of RAM, the other 1. One dual core P4, the other single core. Outlook is periodically usable, but regularly slows to the point where it will not respond. Before the MS fix, Outlook was regularly using 80% or more CPU time. After the “fix” it will regularly spike to around 50-60%. I have found to continue working at these times that I can go to Task Manager and lower the Outlook.exe process priority to low which allows me to at least work in other apps while Outlook is busy. This CPU usage usually lasts about half an hour, and will recur periodically all day. Eventually, Outlook starts responding again. I am running against Exchange 2003 and open two mailboxes on the server using RPC on HTTP.