MySpace account hacked

Around two years ago, I set up a MySpace account in order to try the service. I confess I hardly ever log in, and have not done so for several months. I’m sometimes reminded that I have an account by spam friend invitations, which I ignore.

Today I was puzzled to get email notifications of several spam comments on my MySpace blog. Puzzling – I have no posts on MySpace. Except I have (or did have): when I logged in, I found about a dozen blog posts and a similar number of bulletin posts made in my name. All spam. You don’t get notification of your own posts, so it was only when comments were made that I became aware of the problem. If I had any real content in the account I would be embarrassed.

I cleaned it up and changed my password, but I’m intrigued. Did a hacker (or more likely a hacker bot) guess my password, or is MySpace just easy to hack? I suspect the latter. I doubt it was a cross-site attack, since I am never logged in.

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