Legal implications of Microsoft’s Office 2007 ribbons

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2 comments on this post.
  1. Rita Medany:

    That’s an interesting theory on the lack of a menus option Tim. I’m a little more inclined to believe that they’ve convinced themselves it won’t be necessary – also very risky.

    As an acknowledeged Excel expert, I lasted 2 days on Office 2007 before uninstalling it. I just can’t get to the nuts and bolts of the programme quick enough using the ribbon. I’m not looking forward to trying to remote support this version, as it is simple enough to tell a user to click on “this” menu and “that” option, but doing it by describing the ribbon icons they need to click is bound to end in frustration and confusion.

    I do like the underlying changes made to Outlook – they were long overdue but again I find the ribbon a hindrance. I’ve not really looked much at Word, but suspect the ribbon will be an issue and have never found a use for Powerpoint yet so I’m not bothered by changes to it.

    Let’s see what it looks like after the first service pack :)



  2. Elpi:

    Office 2007 sucks – plain and simple. Microsoft ran out of ideas and the leadership lacks control. Like the emperor having no clothes, nobody had the guts to stop the genie before it got out of the bottle.