Future of Web Apps London next week

I gather that FOWA 2008 London is nearly sold out so now is the time to book, if you have not already. I’ll be there.

With stock markets reeling around the world, it’s an interesting time to have a conference focused on start-ups. Still, there are always opportunities. Lean times also help to concentrate minds on what is really cost-effective; if we are in for a prolonged downturn (which looks likely), that may stimulate interest in both web-based and open source technologies.

Some of the schedule looks like more of the same, if you have been to this kind of conference before, but there are some new topics there too: “How to decrease the environmental impact of your app” is intriguing; and I’ve already mentioned that XCalibre and Amazon will be co-presenting on cloud interoperability. I’m also looking forward to Tim Bray’s session as I have not heard him speak before.

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