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Om Malik asks about Chrome usage, one month after its release.

On this site this month (only a few days in) Chrome has a 2.5% share, below Opera at 3.2%. Malik reports 5.59%; commenters to his post have figures as small as 0.36% up to something approaching Malik’s figure – his seems to be about the maximum.

Small, but even say 2.5% is not that bad for a new, beta web browser. I use it myself some of the time; I like the speed and clean UI.

That said, Chrome usage has declined, after the initial surge of people trying it out. The share now is more meaningful; it will be fascinating to watch its progress. The challenge for Google is to get a buzz going; surely a web browser is a perfect candidate for Web 2.0 marketing.

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One thought on “Google Chrome usage one month on”

  1. Net Applications (who monitor over 40 000 websites) give Chrome a stable market share of about 0.8% (down from a peak of over 1%). This is still higher than Opera who have about 0.7%…

    Net applications give IE 71.5% and Firefox 19.5%. Tech sites like yours will obviously see an over-representation of Firefox and Chrome. Surprised Opera is so high though.

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