Vista, Office 2007 changes: cosmetic, or not?

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2 comments on this post.
  1. Roz:

    About Office 2007: I’ve been working with this for a few months and while the changes may be cosmetic a lot of thought went into redesigning the menus. It appears to me that the goal was to make the items on the menus more accessibile than they were in Office 2003 and earlier. This change drives up the learning curve, but will result in more efficiency in the long term. On the down side, it isn’t always intuative where the tools or tasls are now located. However, I think this change is very logical in its organization and will ultimately speed tasks that normally took longer just to access the tool.

  2. shinyous:

    does anyone how tro access handwriting in office 2007? i have a wacom tablet and stylus and would like to correct my students papers by this possible in office 2007? cant find much help for it….