I type the content for this site, but it runs on other people’s work, mostly made available without charge as part of the open source movement. All I have had to do is to assemble and configure the pieces.

Here therefore are my acknowledgments and thanks. I’ve listed the major projects, but of course there will be others, and most open source projects themselves build heavily on pieces provided by others.

The operating system is Debian Linux.

The Apache web server serves the pages.

PHP is used for most of the server-side scripting.

The database is MySQL.

The blog engine is WordPress.

The WordPress theme is Atahualpa by BytesForAll.

WordPress plugins include Akismet for spam prevention, WordPress popular posts, Yet another related posts plugin, GD Star Rating, and WordPress Mobile Pack.

Most posts are authored using Windows Live Writer.

Thanks again to all the above for your amazing work.

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