Very simple VB 2008 database app with databinding

Sample code for the article in October 2008 Personal Computer World.

Simple VB database app with databinding

This is a very simple Visual Basic 2008 Express database application, using databinding. It is what I reckon you end up with if you try to create a database app using the Visual Studio wizards and the default SQL Server Compact Edition database engine.

See here for a more code-centric approach. Which do you prefer?

2 comments to Very simple VB 2008 database app with databinding

  • Edward

    Hi Tim, thanks for the article on databinding. However when I create project for smart device, there is no imagelocation for PictureBox to bind with ImagePath. Any suggestion on overcoming this?

  • Mitch

    hi Tim, i really want to create a database quite like this one, could you passably make a tutorial so i can learn how to do it myself??

    thanks 🙂

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