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Today I spoke to Adam Gross, Vice President, Developer Marketing at His company has recently announced that during its third quarter, API transactions (driven by web services) surpassed CRM page views on its service for the first time. I asked Gross whether would move towards the WS-* standards as its evolves its API.


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Mysterious Windows Vista hang explained

Depressing post from Windows tech guru Mark Russinovich on The Case of the Delayed Windows Vista File Open Dialogs. In Windows Vista, whenever you use the File – Open dialog to browse your documents folder, the system attempts to display your full user name in a breadcrumb trail. In certain cases, this causes a delay

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Running Vista with dodgy drivers? Try turning off Aero

Vista may be RTM, but it’s early days for the drivers. This will cause confusion, and will damage Vista’s reputation. For example, a letter in today’s IT Week describes what happened when you upgrade a “Vista Ready” Sony Media Center PC with the MSDN Vista RTM:

It was a disaster. The Nvidia GeForce Go 7400

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Irony: Outlook Web Access more usable than Outlook

I’m serious. After upgrading to Outlook 2007, and being frustrated by its poor performance, I’ve taken to using Outlook Web Access instead. It is far more responsive than Outlook 2007 on my system. Furthermore, by keeping Outlook closed instead of hogging the CPU, everything else seems to run faster as well. Fortunately Outlook Web Access,

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Office ribbons more like a chain?

Fascinating post from Developer Express CTO Julian Bucknall about Microsoft’s new ribbon license scheme. Developer Express is a well-regarded vendor of components for .NET and Delphi developers. It’s an ambivalent post. Bucknall states that his company has signed the license, though he expresses some frustration at its restrictions:

Lurkers and active members of our newsgroups will have noticed

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Legal implications of Microsoft’s Office 2007 ribbons

Microsoft is generously allowing developers to use its ribbon UI, as seen in Office 2007, in their own software. But is this really so generous? Here’s the key proviso:

The license is available for applications on any platform, except for applications that compete directly with the five Office applications that currently have the new UI

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Is this really JBuilder?

Today I attended a briefing on JBuilder 2007. The briefing was given by CodeGear’s Jon Harrison and was in two parts, the first covering the thinking and background behind the product, and the second a hands-on demonstration of some of the features. Please note that I have not yet tried out the product, and Jon

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Borland’s JBuilder-on-Eclipse emerges

Borland CodeGear has announced details of JBuilder 2007, the first version of its Java IDE to be built on the Eclipse platform.

I’ve read quickly through the various PDFs, but it is hard to get a feel for the product from these alone. Is it more like Eclipse, or more like JBuilder 2006? What has

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Mono in IT Week

At Tech-Ed a couple of weeks back I met with Novell’s Miguel de Icaza , best known for his work on Mono (cross-platform .NET). I wrote this up in a short article for IT Week. Despite its headline, note this comment:

It is hard to discern whether Microsoft’s agreement with Novell is a signal of universal

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Outlook 2007 is slow, RSS broken

Users are reporting that Outlook 2007 is slow – much slower than Outlook 2003, which it is meant to replace.

Experiences vary, but the worst affected are those with large mailboxes. Large in this context means thousands of messages and several GB size. Looking at the newsgroups there may be a particular problem with Outlook

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