Original Mixed Up Kids

Original Mixed Up Kids
Windsong WINCD 084
Reissued as Strange Fruit SFRSCD 024
Released 1996

Mott the Hoople recorded its first BBC session for John Peel’s Top Gear (nothing to do with cars) in February 1970, the first of 8 BBC appearances in the form of either studio sessions, or concerts at the Paris Theatre in West London.

There are several reasons why these sessions are interesting. If you have followed the story so far, you will know that Mott’s studio sessions were somewhat chaotic, largely thanks to the production work of Guy Stevens, and although the results have plenty of merit there were also flaws in the recording. The BBC versions offer alternative takes.

There were also some rarities. In 1970 Mott performed Ohio for a John Peel Sunday Concert, and in July 1971 Like a Rolling Stone for John Peel’s Top Gear – neither track recorded in the studio elsewhere.

The good old Beeb sadly destroyed most of these recordings. A few survive, and these are gathered on The Original Mixed Up Kids. Note there are DJ voiceovers introducing some of the tracks; consider it part of the experience.

The tracks:

8th March 1971
Whisky Women – great version with more punch than on Wildlife.

25th October 1971
Darkness Darkness
The Moon Upstairs

8th March 1971
The Original Mixed up Kid

3rd February 1970
Thunderbuck Ram

30th December 1971 (concert at Paris Theatre)

The performance is excellent and the sound OK but nothing special, perhaps due to deteriorating tapes.

Your own Backyard
Death may be your Santa Claus
Darkness Darkness
The Moon Upstairs – fantastic performance, hilarious to hear Hunter sing "you’re too fu-uhhhing slow", the BBC being notoriously sensitive about such things.
Whiskey Women
The Journey

If you love Mott the Hoople as the band was up to and including Brain Capers, this comes highly recommended.

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