Delphi team focusing on FireMonkey, VCL winding down?

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Delphi team focusing on FireMonkey, VCL winding down?, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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3 comments on this post.
  1. Dev{eloper} Stonez:

    According to the new/old RAD Tools Product Manager (JT) May the road(map) rise with you the future focus for Embarcadero tools is obviously mobile (ARM, Android, iOS) and cross-platform. VCL will be fine for Windows (and Win32/64 will have quite a long history), but it doesn’t scale up/down toward these needs … and looking to Microsoft, there is no much development there in this regard. Win32 like UI interfaces are already obsolete in the current times of “touch and swipes” … As a result Microsoft push for the PC/Tablet/Phone UI unification under the native WinRT/Metro …
    Embarcadero can success here even at a higher level (targeting more platforms) and fits well, and a FireMonkey 4 Win8/Metro might be also available in the future …

    From a developer point of view, I don’t expect much innovation to happen in the Win32 UI side of things … so the current offerings is just fine (we had Ribbons and gestures in VCL for some time … when MS will add Ribbons to WPF just in .NET 4.5 …haha!). So in the VCL arena we can’t complain to much … since now we also have x64 support.

    FireMonkey component development is starting to emerge so it will be definitely good for vendors to provide native cross-platforms components. In this regard Steema is already providing the well known TeeChart charting components for FireMonkey (actually the standard version is delivered with RAD Studio XE2)

    I’m not good at this :)… but I’m betting that we can expect soon some Fast-Report developments under the FireMonkey umbrella :)
    So why not DevExpress and others (TMS, LMD) follows the obvious trend here and start considering/developing FireMonkey components as a good investment in their own future.

  2. Kyle Miller:

    Just to clarify, there is a lot of the VCL which will work fine no matter what user interface technology is used. Only a class branch of the VCL seems to be winding down.

  3. LDS:

    I still have to see if Metro is good for *any* application. What I’ve seen till now is an interface good only of only a class of applications, the ones you can allow to run full screen, and working with a touch interface, which could not be the right choice for more complex applications requiring a different kind of interface and input devices, or when working with multiple applications at the same time. I believe the right interface for a 3.5″ or even 9″ screen running one application at a time under limited multitasking could not be the right one for two or three 26″ screens running several applications with full multitasking. IMHO the mobile hype is leading to very bad decisions at Embarcadero. MS can turn on dime when it likes, Embarcadero has the reactivity of a supertanker.