Windows Runtime must come to Windows Phone

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Windows Runtime must come to Windows Phone, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. Petr Antos:

    Hi Tim, after /BUID/, I think that on some WP vNext (8?) there can be also WinRT on top of WinCE, and similary as there are desktop/classis apps for Win8, there can be silverlight/classic mode side-by-side with WinRT/C# (even possibly formally converted by VS IDE?, some things changed quite lot, so who knows) and also WinRT/C++CX + HTML5/JS (almost exactly the same thing as PhoneGap does just now, but baked into core in fact). For WP, there can be seamles integrationg between SL apps with WinRT, as they are not fundamentally different as desktop mode for Win8. Its nice time of changes today :-), and … PhoneGap is great quick prototyping thing, allowing fast time-to-market followed by “platform native” rewrite in case of base app success… Just I am curious about PG tooling … installing soon :-)