XBox 360: nearly great

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4 comments on this post.
  1. John E:

    friend, i don’t mean to hurt your feelings, but you’re a classic example of the Stockholm Syndrome, like so many MS victims. in fact, the costly equipment failures, annoying performance issues, and unreasonable MS regulations you describe so well are simply unacceptable for having a respectful business relationship between a customer and a company. instead of rebelling as you should and breaking loose, you just go back for more costly manipulation, if not abuse …

  2. Koral:

    Hi Tim,
    At first i was very excited when i got the xbox360 and brand new hdtv, the xbox live was great and lots of fun.
    But i did ware out and also discovered the many flaws you mention.
    i sold it to one of my friends.
    A month later the xbox broke but he got a replacement, a newer model too.
    In the end im happy i got rid of it, the fact that one had to pay to play online was a somehow a letdown, the truth is i like old arcade games which plays great on PC.
    Must say the xbox has recreating/updating older titles, like Outrun2 and Sensible World of Soccer, full credit for that but still both these were a disapointing experience for me on the xbox360.

  3. Jason:

    Yeah I have had some problems with Xbox hardware, and it sux when it happens to you. Playing DVD’s in the drive is not a good option, you might as well take a hammer to it gently for 6 months. Oh well, I guess these things happen when you deal with big companies making mass quantities of a machine… some are gonna be lemons.

  4. Jeff:

    That’s amazing that they wouldn’t help you because you brought it to a third party. They give you a product that isn’t working, charge you to fix it and void your warranty if you take it someplace cheaper. Wow, that’s really shady business.