Enabling AHCI on Vista

I’ve recently set up a server with Ubuntu, in the course of which I learned that Linux SATA RAID works best if you set the controller to AHCI in the BIOS. Typically this defaults to IDE.

More on Ubuntu later, but what if you dual boot with Windows Vista, or just want to enable AHCI

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ThoughtWorks Mingle is released

ThoughtWorks has released Mingle, an agile software collaboration tool.

I spoke to Martin Fowler from ThoughtWorks about this and other topics earlier this month; I will be reporting in more detail on this shortly. As I understood it, Mingle was born out of frustration with other collaboration products that were found to be inflexible or

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How big a problem is Click Fraud?

According to the latest Click Fraud Index, 15.8% of clicks on pay-per-click ads are fraudulent, rising to 25.6% if you look solely at content networks, such as Google Adsense.

This is a can of worms. Almost any question you can ask is hard to answer with confidence.

What is the real level of click fraud? Google’s Shuman

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UK Mix07 announced

Microsoft is holding a mini-Mix in London, September 11-12. It appears to be focused on Silverlight, Expression and Windows Live, and speakers include Scott Guthrie of ASP.NET fame (but now with wider responsibilities) and Danny Thorpe of Delphi fame (but now at Microsoft and working on Windows Live APIs).

Windows Vista and Office 2007 may

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LINQ: "Customers are massively confused"

I’ve just completed an article for Hardcopy magazine on database APIs – it’s for a forthcoming issue so the piece is not online yet. I interviewed Mark Troester, senior manager of product marketing at DataDirect, and he gave me some interesting comments on LINQ (Language Integrated Query), Microsoft’s new database extensions for the .NET Framework.


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PHP Zend Framework will go visual

I spoke to some of the guys at Zend on the launch of the Zend Framework, a class library for PHP. I wrote this up for The Register.

The Zend Framework is a non-visual library, but I asked whether it will handle visual controls in future. I was told that it will: Zend’s Zeev Suraski

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Fixing an over-sleepy Toshiba Portege M400 running Vista

Long-term readers may recall my experiments with Vista on a Toshiba Portege M400 Tablet. Since then I’ve kept the drivers up to date as new versions appeared. The machine is stickered “Windows Vista Capable.”

It’s been OK though the annoying problem with the machine not waking from sleep persisted. Although this may sound a minor issue, it is really not good, as

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Family.Show – an excellent WPF demo app

Microsoft’s Tim Sneath drew my attention to Family.Show, which he describes as “our first end-to-end reference sample for WPF”. This genealogy application was made public three months ago, but I had not tried it before. Source code is available, and there is a white paper [XPS] about how it was developed.

The application feels a little

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An interactive cookery book for your kitchen computer

You don’t have a kitchen computer? Me neither, but it seems inevitable that someone will figure out how to do this nicely and in a way that will work for a mass market. This is one proposal, using Windows Media Center. I like the concept, but this looks too expensive for most of us.


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Simple RAD tools from industry giants fly below the radar

Oracle and IBM are not normally names you associate with simple, highly productive software development tools. Arguably, it is the over-complexity of J2EE that left the door open for Microsoft .NET as well as nimbler open-source options like PHP and Ruby on Rails. Still, let me mention two tools that demonstrate how even these giants are devoting attention to productivity.

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