An interactive cookery book for your kitchen computer

You don’t have a kitchen computer? Me neither, but it seems inevitable that someone will figure out how to do this nicely and in a way that will work for a mass market. This is one proposal, using Windows Media Center. I like the concept, but this looks too expensive for most of us.

Years ago I worked in book publishing, and had vague plans for an electronic cookery book. I liked the idea of a book that could answer the question: “What can I cook with the ingredients I have to hand?” An interactive cookery book is better still. User comments and recommendations, corrections (apparently a large number of printed recipes actually have errors and don’t work if you try to follow them), greater variety, filter by requirements such as “vegetarian” or “low-calorie”, etc.

Still, I suppose the question is: why bother with a Media Center PC and a special application, when you can just use Google, print out your recipe, get it as grubby as you like while preparing your gourmet masterpiece and then chuck it away at the end? The recipe, that is 🙂

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