New year, new web site

I took the opportunity of the Christmas break to move to a new server.

The old server has worked wonderfully for many years, but in that time a lot of cruft accumulated.

The old WordPress template was also out of date. Today it is necessary not only to have a site that works well on mobile, but also one that is served over SSL. I am taking advantage of Let’s Encrypt to give trusted SSL support.

On the old site I ran three blogs., aimed at professionals. aimed at consumers. for when I occasionally wanted to blog about music. Running three blogs is a hassle and I decided to combine them into one despite the differences in content. The idea is to use WordPress categories to make sense of this but this too is work in progress.

The price of this migration is broken links. Content that is migrated from the old blog is mostly fine, though there are some images linked with http that will need to be fixed. Content from the other two blogs is more problematic and I have some work to do tidying up the images. There is also the old pre-wordpress blog which is now offline. This was active from 2003 to 2006 and I am undecided about whether to reinstate it.

Apologies then for the disruption but I hope it will be worth it.

One thought on “New year, new web site”

  1. Love the new website. Being able to use SSL and get a more modern layout are worth the disruption (in my opinion).

    And as a bonus, I can read more of the article content in my feed reader….previously I could only see the first few sentences.

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