WordPad in Windows 7 supports Open XML, OpenDocument

Interesting twist in the document format wars. Early builds of Windows 7 have extended document support in WordPad, the word-processing applet in Windows. WordPad will now read and write both Microsoft’s Open XML (docx) and OpenDocument (odt). The latter is the native format of the open source OpenOffice.org. I was sceptical about this since the support is not in the Milestone 3 build given to journalists here; but the builds running on stands in the Pavilion area do have this support, so it is real. I’m guessing that it is based on the the OpenDocument support coming in Office 14. Of course, this is pre-beta, so subject to change.

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One thought on “WordPad in Windows 7 supports Open XML, OpenDocument”

  1. Interesting isn’t how MS tries to own all the standards it can and when the pressure final builds up they give in and start supporting the “open” standards. Anything to ties us in to their products… A bit like a street pusher really!


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