I’m looking for comments on Windows 7 beta vs XP or Vista

Tried Windows 7 beta 1? I’m looking for comments to quote in an article. I’m interested to know what you think of it so fare in comparison to either XP, or Vista, or both; and whether you expect to upgrade as soon as you can, or will put off the upgrade, or not bother with it at all. With reasons of course.

By all means comment anyway, but in order to be quoted I’d need (along with your presumed consent if you comment here or by email):

1. You have actually tried the Windows 7 beta

2. You do not work in PR or for Microsoft or for a PC vendor (or have other obvious reason for non-objectivity)

3. You give your full real name, company and job

Comment here or by email to tim(at)

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One thought on “I’m looking for comments on Windows 7 beta vs XP or Vista”

  1. I’m a software engineer and intial findings show that some hardware drivers that work on Vista (32-bit)(and XP) do not work on W7 (32-bit), contrary to what I’d heard.

    They seem to fail in the same way as they do with Vista 64 (which is obvious as they’re 32 bit drivers), but this is the 32 bit version of W7.

    Performance also seems similar to Vista 64 if not slightly snappier.

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