Exchange emails stuck in queue because “message deferred by categorizer agent”- Happy New Year admins!

The first day of a new year is a great moment to relax and prepare for what is ahead – but spare a thought for Microsoft Exchange administrators who may have woken up to seized up installations of their on-premises email servers. I was among those affected, but only on my tiny system. Messages were stuck in the submission queue, suspiciously since midnight or thereabouts (somehow a message sneaked through timed 12.14 am) and the last error reported by the queue viewer was “Messages deferred by categorizer agent.”

As usual I went down a number of rabbit holes. Restart the Exchange Transport service. Reboot the server. Delete the first message not to be delivered in case it was corrupt and somehow clogging up the queue. Check for certificate issues.

It was none of these. Here is the guilty party in the event viewer:


The FIPS-FS Microsoft Scan Engine failed to load, with the error can’t convert “2201010001” too long.

The impact was that the malware filter could not check the message, hence the error from the categorizer agent.

The solution is to run the Exchange Shell on the server and navigate to the Scripts directory where Exchange is installed, for example C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\Scripts. Here you will find a script called Disable-AntimalwareScanning.ps1.

& $env:ExchangeInstallPath\Scripts\Disable-AntimalwareScanning.ps1

should work. Run it, restart the  Exchange Transport service, and email will start to flow.

Once the problem is patched, there is a companion script called Enable-AntimalwareScanning which restores it. Though I am not sure of the value of the Exchange malware filter since Microsoft considers that even on-premises installations should use the Microsoft 365 services for spam and malware scanning, and the on-premises protection features are not kept up to date, meaning that a third-party or open source spam and malware filter is a necessity anyway, unless you go the Office 365 route.

Another reason not to run Exchange on-premises – but Microsoft still says that hybrid systems using Azure Active Directory Connect should do so in order to manage mailboxes.

Note: the maximum value for a 32-bit signed integer is 2,147,483,647. Yesterday which was perhaps represented as 2,112,310,001 would have fitted within that whereas today 2,202,020,001 did not. Dates and times are awkward for programmers.

Update: Microsoft  has an official fix here. Thanks to Erik in the comments for the link.

94 thoughts on “Exchange emails stuck in queue because “message deferred by categorizer agent”- Happy New Year admins!”

  1. thank you for the paost!!!
    at the server of the customer with exchange 2019 i could not re-enable it without the same problem… so i let it disabled for the moment. i hope there will be an update from microsoft in the future… happ new year!

  2. Happy New Years and Thank You for the fix! Saved me several hours of troubleshooting.


  3. Wow! a life saver! If I didnt see this.. I would still be ripping my hair out. Thank you!!!

  4. Thanks for the post and the explanation. I was starting get even more grey hair. Happy New Year!!

  5. Thank you very much! I was as stuck as the queue looking for a solution.

    Very helpful!

  6. I don’t know how to thank you, other than to simply say “THANK YOU!”
    The “manual” method mentioned in the Microsoft article linked (of course) failed, but the automated script worked, despite showing a sea of red errors. Mail flow did indeed start after the script ran. I am truly grateful for people like yourself that share knowledge!


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