IE7 phishing site confusion

Preparing for a conference, I saved the agenda from a web page to a file, so that I could read it on the train. I used the IE “web archive” feature, which saves a page to a single file with the extension .mht. When I re-opened the page later, I was suprised to see the following warning:

Local file identified as phishing site

Something wrong here I reckon. Apparently my own hard drive is a phishing site.

I suppose IE7 has a point. After all, I’ve copied the page from one place to another, and although it looks like a page on the web, it isn’t. Then again, it isn’t criminal either. I’m using a feature of IE exactly as designed.

Amusing; but the difficulty I have with these kinds of false alarms is that they undermine the real ones. How is the non-technical user to know which warnings they can safely ignore? The danger is that they end up taking none of them seriously.


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One thought on “IE7 phishing site confusion”

  1. This showed up this way because there are certain meta tags that are on the site and should match the URL but it’s in a different location so it shows up as spam

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