Adobe “Committed to bringing Flash Player to the iPhone”

Adobe CEO commented during yesterday’s earnings call:

We are also equally committed to bringing the Flash Player to the iPhone, so now we do have a Flash Player 10 version for smartphones. We continue to work with Apple. We need more APIs and cooperation to bring the capabilities of Flash to the iPhone and we think it’s in both of our best interests to make sure that 85% of the top 100 websites that use Flash, that that experience is available to the Apple customers.

The real question is not whether Adobe is committed to this, but whether Apple will allow it. I think the stake are high for Adobe, which is why I have such keen interest. The longer the iPhone remains Flash-free, the more those “85% of the top 100 websites” will question their use of Flash and wonder if they should try to migrate towards more universal HTML and JavaScript technology. On the other hand, if Adobe gets its stuff on iPhone it will give it a further advantage over rival plug-ins like Microsoft’s Silverlight.

I mean, if you build your entire cloud platform around the Flash client, what do you do if the key mobile device out there refuses to support it?

Transcript from Seeking Alpha.

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2 thoughts on “Adobe “Committed to bringing Flash Player to the iPhone””

  1. Hi Tim, that phrase “standard HTML and JavaScript” technology describes a specification, and the implementations still differ, as well as their general capabilities. The question still remains “What type of experience do you want your audience to have, and what types of technologies can provide that, at what total cost?”

    (No big thing, but generic binary phrases like “has SVG support” have tripped people up for years.)

    For Apple, who knows? They don’t speak clearly, and seem to be working to make their own controllable “universal runtime” in WebKit. Small marketshare, although popular among English-language influentials.


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