Why you should keep UAC enabled on Vista

Ian Griffiths has a nice post on why you should not disable UAC, even if you are are a developer.

I’ve followed that advice and it works for me, though there are still one or two apps where I have to Run As Administrator.

That does not include Visual Studio 2005. Despite the warning which it issues, I find it works for me without it (I realise there are scenarios where this won’t be the case).

The intriguing thing is that (as Griffiths notes) even Microsoft is not solidly behind UAC. I’ve commented on this before.

Since there is still a myth that running Vista with UAC enabled results in an avalanche of intrusive dialogs, it’s worth popping up from time to time to say that it is not so.

Windows security affects all of us, even if you do not like Windows or use it. UAC (and IE7’s protected mode, which depends on it) is a step forward and worth supporting.


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