Sorry Ryan, this can’t be done

I enjoy Ryan Stewart’s Universal Desktop blog on Rich Internet Applications. It’s changing though. Stewart now works for Adobe, though he says:

I’m joining Adobe as a Rich Internet Application Evangelist on the Platform Team. One of the things I get a lot of feedback on is that everyone appreciates me being “neutral” and covering all angles of the rich internet application space. None of that is going to change.

Can’t be done unfortunately. He will have to get used to being Adobe’s Ryan Stewart.


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One thought on “Sorry Ryan, this can’t be done”

  1. True, I think. Even if you say the exact same things as before, the perception of those words will differ.

    This is particularly true when speaking of other groups’ technologies — when there’s a perception of self-interest, your words are put under a microscope, and need to be bulletproofed against charges of inaccuracy.

    I read that quote as “I anticipate that none of this will change, and will be working towards that end.”


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