SQLite will be everywhere

One of the core components in Google’s new Gears API is SQLite, an open source database engine. I’ve been an enthusiast for SQLite for a while now – I first blogged about it in 2003. I’ve also worked a little on SQLIte wrappers for Java and Delphi.

It’s a superb embedded database engine and I’m pleased but not surprised to see it now picked up by Google. It’s part of PHP 5.x, and also used by Apple for Core Data and Spotlight search in OS X. Now it is part of Gears and I imagine will be widely deployed. Google is also apparently contributing to the project – Full Text Search has been mentioned here at Developer Day – though I’ve not yet looked at this in detail. Congratulations to the primary author D. Richard Hipp, truly a star of the open source world, and thanks to him for making SQLite “completely free and unencumbered by copyright“.