Don’t buy Open Office

If you happen to search on eBay for Microsoft Office, you will likely notice ads like this offering a good value office suite:

Don’t buy it. Just head over to (more than 3 available) and download for free. Nevertheless, it is an amusing example of the free market at work. Go out looking for Microsoft Office, come back with Open Office, and judging by the guy’s 99.8% positive feedback, be content.

I’m surprised that there are enough people out there who can use eBay but not, apparently, Google. The other interesting question is for how long Microsoft can succeed with Office when for many people (not all) the free alternative is more than good enough.

2 thoughts on “Don’t buy Open Office”

  1. It says that I have to enter a Product Key after using it 10 times. In order to do that, I have to purchase it.

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