Delphi XE includes licenses for older versions back to Delphi 7

I’ve just picked up that Delphi XE, the latest RAD Windows development suite from Embarcadero, includes licenses for older versions going back to Delphi 7.

There’s an explanation and list of what’s on offer here. Delphi 7 was the last version to use the old fully native code IDE and is delightfully fast and lightweight by today’s standards. Delphi 2007 was the last version before big Unicode changes in Delphi 2009, which often broke code, so could be useful for older projects.

The FAQ includes a few points of interest. Embarcadero is dismissive of the old Delphi for .NET (before Prism) and will not supply it:

That is an old technology that was replaced by Delphi Prism and we don’t want to encourage use of that old product.

If you have purchased XE and want to take advantage of the offer, you must do so within 180 days.

One thought on “Delphi XE includes licenses for older versions back to Delphi 7”

  1. Yep thats why I still use and love D7 even today. Lack of 64 bit is starting to become an issue but hey, they (Embarcadero) still haven’t delivered it with the latest product and it looks like its still a year away which quite frankly is appalling. I can still use ADO to connect to MSSQL right upto 2008 and if I want to use something like MySQL theres the excellent Zeos component set. D7 rules!

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