CodeRage II: Windows only, login problems

I was surprised to learn that CodeGear’s online conference is apparently closed to Mac users, or anyone not on Windows:


That’s odd, since the company has Java and Ruby development products that run cross-platform.

Further, even Windows users have had problems logging in. The conferencing software CodeGear is using is limited to 1500 attendees per session, but thanks to a glitch sessions were reported full even when they were not. A message posted to the borland newgroup explains:

It turns out the problem was that only the first 1500 people who registered for CodeRage were successfully registered to attend all of the InterWise events because of a 1500 person limitation for iSeminar events. Unfortunately, this meant that 1500 attendance spots were reserved for those 1500 email addresses even though less than that we’re actually attending. Long story short, I’ve removed all IW registrations from individual events so anyone should be able to get in.  You shouldn’t see anymore “Exceeded max number of participants” error messages unless we really hit 1500 people for any given session.

I had problems myself – I am not sure if it was this limitation, or just the Interwise conferencing software which, like so much out there, appears to be uncomfortable with Windows Vista/UAC and presented a variety of error messages. I didn’t record all the details, but I was constantly being told I had cancelled the setup when I had done no such thing.

Hmmm, I seem to recall technical problems with previous Borland/CodeGear online events as well. Surely it’s time the company got these things right?

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3 thoughts on “CodeRage II: Windows only, login problems”

  1. I think that will help.

    Nick, I ran the Vista-specific install. I’ve just tried to enter a session room, and I get:

    You have Canceled the Setup of the Participant Application

    Please note that as you have canceled the setup, you will not be able to enter Interwise Events.
    If you would like to enter the Event you should first install the application (Step 1)
    and then enter the Event (Step 2).

    and on ad infinitum.

    I did the obvious thing and ran XP to attend the conference; it is not worth the time troubleshooting.

    I am sure there is better conferencing software out there.


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