450 fixes in Office 2007 service pack 1

Microsoft has released Office 2007 service pack 1. But what does it fix? If you go to this page you can download a spreadsheet which lists around 450 fixes. It is a little misleading, since many of the fixes reference pre-existing knowledgebase articles, which I reckon means you may already have the fix. SP1 is still worth it (presuming it works OK) – there are plenty of other issues mentioned.

Of course I went straight to the Outlook 2007 section, as this is the app I have real problems with. This one will be interesting to some readers of this blog:

  • POP3 sync is sometimes slow.  An issue that contributed to this issue was fixed in SP1.

I believe I have noticed this one too:

  • A large number of items may fail to be indexed.

As to whether Outlook 2007 will perform noticeably better after SP1, I am sceptical but will let you know.

As it happens, the top four search keywords for visitors to this blog who come via search engines, for this month, are as follows:

  1. 2007
  2. outlook
  3. vista
  4. slow

It is similar most months. Hmmm, seems there may be a pattern there.

5 thoughts on “450 fixes in Office 2007 service pack 1”

  1. They say there are fixes for Expression web in this SP. Can someone please post the list of fixes? Users who don’t have Office 2007, can’t access the new Excel file format for viewing.


  2. That spreadsheet is 404, unfortunately.

    So it is. Possibly because the spreadsheet has an .xls extension, but is actually .xlsx. Intriguing.


  3. Outlook 2007 certainly behaves much better once SP1 has been deployed. Having said that, it couldn’t have been much worse!!!! The time that Windows XP completely hangs while emails are being received is certainly less frequent and much shorter in duration.

    Like Tim, my own blog’s most visited post is “Problem with Outlook 2007 – Email Receive is Broken” and was at the time of writing this comment, the No1 result in Google for a search of “Outlook 2007 problem”. This one blog post has more than doubled the bandwidth usage of the blog!

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