Holiday season free giveaway: a must-read for developers

Among my top books for 2011 is this one by Jez Humble and David Farley. I reviewed it here, and it also sparked some discussion of what is the difference between the various continuous software development/deployment models.

I have a spare copy of this book to give away. All you need to do is comment to this post with a valid email address – this will not be posted or used for any other purpose, but I will use it to request your address if you win. Please do not include an URL as it risks being dumped in the spam bucket!

On  January 6th I will select a winner at random. I will post to anywhere in the world.

Update: I have selected a winner. To do so, I used Java’s Random class to generate a number between zero and one less than the number of comments. The number it came up with was 4, so the winner is Ian Smith, the 5th person to comment. Congratulations!


27 thoughts on “Holiday season free giveaway: a must-read for developers”

  1. Yes please! I’m very interested in the benefits of continuous integration and delivery and would love having this book.

  2. What’s better than a book about continuous delivery? A free book about continuous delivery. Happy new year!

  3. As someone new to side work projects I am very interested in this book. Thanks for the consideration (even if it is random) 😉

  4. Tim, it’s just like the sales only without all the pushing and shoving and getting kicked in the shins!

    Thanks for your very interesting posts over the past year and I hope you find plenty to write about in 2012.

  5. Your blogs are always short and to the point, perfect for my reading preferences. Keep up the great work.

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