6 thoughts on “Concurrent programming done right”

  1. Um…it isn’t concurrent programming, as it happens. Fire up Task Manager and see how many instances of CoreConverter.exe you have running. Unless I’m missing something here and the same process appears once for every CPU, it looks to be running multiple copies of the same program, all virtualized.

  2. Anyhow, it works well, whatever definition of concurrency you use 😀

  3. I wrote a concurrent WAV-to-MP3 converting system like this once…. With batch files, lame, and START.EXE!

    Quite efficient – It spawned 5 threads/CPU core, and made record time.

    Chunk-processing like audio conversion makes concurrency easy.

  4. Hey,

    Nice prog. Whatever it does under-the-hood, I don’t feel like it’s pulling down my system and it cranks nice and fast!

    , Mike

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