Is Vista more prone to malware than Windows 2000?

So says the research department of PC Tools, apparently.

I was intrigued as I’ve investigated security in Vista. I went along to the PC Tools site in search of more information. Unfortunately there is no relevant press release in the news section or other details. I did find an article on ars technica that asks the questions I wanted to ask, but no answers.

I also registered on the site as press in search of further information, and received my username and password back as a plain text email. Remarkable, for a security company.

I don’t mean to be cynical; I really am interested, but frankly stories like this are worthless without more information. I blogged three years ago about exaggerated claims made by a security company. These companies are unlikely to put out releases saying that we no longer need their products.

My question to these security folk: given that most PC users (that I see) have been scared into using their products, why have we not seen a corresponding reduction in malware infections? It is as if the industry is glad to brag about the failure of its products.

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