Small Business Server 2008: less for more?

The announced prices for SBS 2008 are substantially higher than those for SBS 2003. Client Access Licenses (CALS) for standard edition users are slightly lower than before, but a new CAL for premium users is remarkably expensive: $189.00, on top of the cost of the client Windows OS itself. In the old scheme, an SBS CAL applied to both Standard and Premium users and had a single price of $97.80.

How price sensitive is SBS? From what I see, the cost of installing and configuring SBS is usually more than the license cost, presuming a business gets a specialist to do this. In addition, the announced figures do not cover cheaper OEM editions. In other words, probably not very price sensitive.

This still strikes me as a surprising move. SBS 2008 has removed some features, including the ISA Server firewall. Further, SBS has more competition than before, both from Linux and from cloud-based offerings. Is this really the moment to hoist prices? Google will be pleased.

One thought on “Small Business Server 2008: less for more?”

  1. My Opinion – if you buy a business client OS, e.g. Vista Business, you should get a server CAL included in the price. Price sensitivity also depends on how small the small business is. But then, this is really Medium Business Server 2008, isn’t it.

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