Adobe Creative Suite 4 in public beta

Adobe has released a public beta of key applications from its popular Creative Suite 4, including Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Soundbooth. The company says, “Neither the quality nor the features are complete yet,” which makes them alpha releases in the usual terminology, but they are called beta anyway. A few highlights:

Dreamweaver integrates WebKit for a new Live View, has better support for Ajax and Javascript, and integrates Subversion:

Once you’ve defined Subversion as your version control system, you can update your site to get the latest versions of its pages directly from within Dreamweaver; no third-party utility or command-line interface is required.

Fireworks has greater scope, supporting CSS, and allowing export to HTML with CSS, PDF or AIR. Now includes Adobe Type Engine.

Adobe has also been polishing its “universal user interface” across its product range.

The beta is for Mac and Windows, and is intended for existing CS3 users; others will find the beta timing out after 48 hours.

Downloading now…