SQLite with Delphi

I’ve committed some updates to the simple Delphi wrapper for SQLite. Most of the work was done by others. The main changes are to support named parameters (thanks Lukas Gebauer); and to support prepared queries for performance optimization (thanks Andrew Retmanski). I also recompiled the DLL with the current code, using Visual C++ 6.0. This actually required a small modification to the code – see http://www.sqlite.org/cvstrac/tktview?tn=3057,29. Maybe using VC 6.0 is getting impractical now.

I don’t know how many users this wrapper has, but I get regular emails about it so there are some. It is for people comfortable with raw SQL who want high performance rather than the convenience of high level database abstractions.

Update: I’ve converted the article to a WordPress page, which is easier for me to update and for tracking comments.

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