VirtualBox: get today’s update

If you are trying VirtualBox (which I recommend) make sure you get today’s update, version 1.6.2.

The story: I tested VirtualBox 1.5.6 which works great. I thought I should try the latest version, the first with Sun xVM branding, so downloaded it yesterday. Then I wasted an hour trying to get the networking working. With VirtualBox, the default is NAT networking with your host PC, which enables the Internet but means your virtual machine is detached from your local network. If you want it on your local network, you have to create a Virtual Host Interface and then bridge it with your real network connection. Not difficult; but version 1.6.0 broke something so that the Virtual Host Interface could not transmit data. I tinkered with various settings and drivers until I discovered this changelog for 1.6.2:

  • Networking: fixed a host interface networking regression introduced in 1.6.0

Right. Installed the update and everything is fine. The good news: VirtualBox is just as fast as before. In fact, it scored slightly higher on PassMark: 631.

I also updated Virtual PC 2007 to SP1. In my test this was fractionally slower than before, with a score of 387. Neither score is significantly different though.

5 thoughts on “VirtualBox: get today’s update”

  1. What are the the licensing implications of using this? As I understand, using one more copy of Windows on a Virtual PC is Ok from a licensing perspective but it doesn’t apply to other virtualisation products such as VMWare. If you want to play with someone else’s toys, Microsoft may simply take their ball away.

  2. I think most developers have MSDN and/or Action Pack which covers this kind of use. Not sure about others; you need a degree in obfuscation to understand Microsoft licensing 🙂


  3. When I try to install my copy of Vista Ultimate on the Virtual Box, the installer crashes befoe it actually gets around to doing anything. Ho hum…

  4. @Clyde

    Shame. Vista Business might be better, because of the multimedia aspect? But I have no idea.


  5. I have a (legal) redundant copy of Home Premium, also Ubuntu. The latter runs very quickly even under Virtual PC. I suggest I have a try at installing both on VB and report back.

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