Silverlight developer reference poster shows off DeepZoom

The developer reference poster here shows off DeepZoom as well as providing a handy guide to what is in Silverlight 2.0. Thanks to Joe Stegman.

Tip: use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out; click and drag to move round the poster.

What if you have no scroll wheel? I tried this on a Mac. You can actually single or double-click to zoom in. To zoom out without the scroll wheel … errrmm – you refresh the page. I can’t figure out an alternative.

One of the things I dislike about many Flash and Silverlight apps is the lack of a context menu on right-click. That is, you get a context menu, but it is for configuring the player. This is a case in point: it needs Zoom in and Zoom out on a right-click menu. And keyboard shortcuts. The problem isn’t inherent to DeepZoom, but needs a bit of extra work in the application code.

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