WordPress permalinks broke my RSS feed

I am beginning to regret my pretty permalinks. Apparently it broke the RSS feed for some subscribers. The problem was caused by a combination of factors. When I started this blog, I used a different blog engine; and when I migrated to WordPress I fixed it so that the old feed URL still worked. Moving to pretty permalinks broke that feed, although the normal WordPress feeds still worked. There was no error; the feed was just empty. The reason it broke is … something to do with redirects. Fixed now.

Apologies if this affected you – I have not been as quiet as you may have thought.

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6 thoughts on “WordPress permalinks broke my RSS feed”

  1. Is there a reason you’ve switched to partial content in your feeds? It’s pretty tedious having to click though to the website.

  2. I agree.
    I’d prefer to read the complete articles with my news reader instead of having to start the browser each time. 🙁

  3. Duncan, Jens

    It is set to full text, so something is not working right. I’ll investigate.


  4. Update: I’ve hacked it for the moment. Let me know if you still get partial text.


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