WPF/E preview is out – but no cross-platform .NET for now

Microsoft has posted a CTP (Community Tech Preview) of Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere, a cross-platform browser-hosted runtime for XAML, its XML GUI language. There’s a download for Mac as well as Windows, but sadly one of the most intriguing aspects of WPF/E is not yet included. You can code the CTP with JavaScript, but the promised cross-platform .NET runtime is not in this release. It is still planned though:

After the December 2006 CTP, we will also enable a managed code programming model using a subset of full CLR that will enhance the programmability side of the browsers to enable more performant and more scalable Web applications.

The quote is from the WPF/E Architecture Overview, which is a great place to start if you want to know what’s in WPF/E.

See also this interview with Forest Key from back in March, if you have not read it already.

I’ve downloaded but not tried the samples yet.

Postscript: Mike Harsh has some more info and a sample WPF/E video on his blog. The humour in the video is somehow typically Microsoft…

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