Internet Explorer 8, FireFox 3 pop-under failure

I attended a UK briefing for Internet Explorer 8 last night. An interesting product which I’ll be writing plenty more about – you can get it here. Installed smoothly on my Virtual Box Vista.

At the event I mentioned to someone from the IE team that it is annoying how pop-ups still somehow get round the pop-up blocker. The guy seemed mildly surprised and asked me to send him any urls I found. I didn’t have to wait long. If you want obsessive detail on the recordings of Elvis Presley, a great site to visit is [warning: pop-ups and pop-unders]. I can’t recommend it though, because there are some annoying scripts there. I thought this would make a good test for IE8 Beta 2. The home page has some stuff that gets blocked, and it has some Java which doesn’t run because I haven’t installed it yet, but if I click the link for the Sun recordings (arguably the best of Elvis) I get this:

The only extra step I took to get this screen was to click the pop-under in the task bar so it came to the front. Lucky me, I’m a “possible Audi A3 winner”.

Just to be fair, I tried it in FireFox 3. Same result:

Maybe it is just too difficult to block this stuff successfully without breaking pages.

The other question: why do otherwise useful sites pollute themselves with this junk? Is the money really that good? For what it’s worth, the culprit seems to be a “free” web stats provider called Motigo. Avoid.

I’ll forward the url to my contact.

3 thoughts on “Internet Explorer 8, FireFox 3 pop-under failure”

  1. The Elvis site causes IE 7.0 to crash, interestingly. I wonder what it’s trying to do?

  2. Kyle, are you sure?

    I’ve just gone there now. On the home page, I get a message that Firefox blocked a pop-up, great. But if I then click the Sun link, I get the pop-under as shown in my screen grab. So I now have yet another Audi 🙂

    Chrome actually beats it though.


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